Five things Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week.  Mine was crazy busy with work and going into a long training weekend (my biggest ever), but first — I want to share five things this Friday!!

First up:


Can we just talk about my shoe problem? I might have a slight Brooks Running addiction. AND – these were just the shoes in my workout room.  Rest assured, I am donating several of these to Girls on the Run! Do you have a favorite pair? I tend to try them all and rotate depending on my terrain, clothes (matchy-matchy), and distance.

2. That’s it.®

These bars are so yummy and only have two ingredients! All fruit, no preservatives. Oh … and no fat, non GMO, Gluten free, Kosher, Vegan, and Raw. They are the perfect on the go snack when whole fruit is not readily available.



3.  Sizzlefish.


This box is truly amazing. Sent right to my door with dry ice. We’ve already made three meals using the perfect portion sizings. AND – I like the fact that they come in portions, because as I’ve learned – I eat way more than this when we cook an entire salmon filet. Do I like fresh – heck yes! BUT – this is perfect to have on hand when you are in a hurry or need something quick and easy AND nutritious.

The package I received was the Paleo Prime Plus:

Have you tried Sizzlefish? If so, what did you think?

4.  OMGOSH!!! Javelina Jundred is now only 35 days away ….

Well, technically right now (at the time of this writing) … 35 days, 23 hours and 14 minutes.

Here is a photo from last year, when I was lucky enough to pace one of my besties to his first 100 mile finish.



5.  The awesome running socks I’m wearing are by TIUX.  I am giving away a pair and the winner will be announced later today.  See my Instagram account for your chance to win your own!


Have a wonderful day friends! Who’s running this weekend? Who’s racing? Who’s cheering?

Whatever you are doing, make it a good one! xo







Favorite thing Friday: TIUX Graduated Compression Socks

My Favorite thing this FRIDAY is:

My NEW Compression socks by TIUX

Chain Lakes

When TIUX Compression socks reached out to me and asked me if I’d like to review them, of course I said yes! I love compression socks and have tried just about all of them. And, they came in my two favorite colors: Pink and Yellow (with lavender feet) — Bonus!

TIUX website reads:

Premium compression socks without the traditional retail markups.

We know compression socks are over-priced and over-marketed.
So we made our own to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way.

So, they made the same quality product and only charge the customer a fraction of what other compression socks are charging.

I can say this with certainty as I’ve tried them: THEY ARE LEGIT. Compression in all the right places, no awful toe seams to mess with your shoes or your feet, great colors and best of all — my legs felt great!  Oh — and did I mention, I took them for a long trail run my first time out?  No blisters, no chafing, just compression sock goodness.

You know what else I loved?  The packaging.  I’m all about the packaging people!

tiux Look at this cute box!

Tiux boxThe box slides open to reveal the socks!

Tiux pink and yellow socksTA-DAH!

I’ve been asked what I love about compression socks.  It’s how they make my legs feel: which is AWESOME! I like them before, during, and after long runs.  Here is what TIUX says:

Why Wear Graduated Compression Socks?

Graduated compression socks have a higher compression at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the calf. Graduated compression will enhance circulation and increase the level of oxygenated blood to your legs, while pumping deoxygenated blood back to your heart. Stimulating blood flow helps athletes improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

Muscle Stabilization

Provides muscle stabilization to decrease the risk of injuries and muscle tears. Minimizing muscle oscillation reduces soreness and fatigue so you can recover faster from a strenuous training session.

Enhanced Proprioception

Improves agility and muscle efficiency with a heightened sense of body awareness. Greater movement efficiency will elevate your performance and reduce injuries.

Increased Arterial Inflow

Improves performance with greater blood flow to the muscles. Delivering oxygenated blood to the legs reduces muscle fatigue and speeds up recovery.

Increased Venous Return

Accelerates the rate of blood flow back to the heart to help alleviate swollen and achy legs. As deoxygenated blood is pushed up the leg, metabolic substances are removed to help muscles recover faster.

Want more info?  Visit TIUX here:

Happy Running!

Pay it Forward for Jack #beaHERO4CHaDKids

Happy Monday Friends!  I know I have neglected my blog for some time, but I thought I would kick it back into full action with a story that touched my heart.  What better way to celebrate than to pay it forward!


Recently, my friend Sarah wrote to me and I want to share her story:

“When Jack entered the world three years ago we were unsure what his childhood would look like. Born with a congenital giant melanocytic nevus [read more about that HERE], the dream of having a healthy boy was shattered when we learned hours after he was born there was something wrong. His first year of life was a rough one, punctuated by MRI’s, surgeries, tissue expansion, injections and infections. It was a scary and difficult time for our family, but it was made easier by the care we received at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHaD). Through the skillful care of Dr. Stotland, Jack’s nevus was removed. And when he suffered a staph infection later on the nurses, doctors and Child Life staff at CHaD cared for not just him, but Mark and I as well. There’s nothing that shakes you more than the fear of losing your child.

Time has faded the intensity of those moments. Now we just see our rambunctious, but oh-so-sweet Jack growing quickly out of the toddler phase into boyhood. But this May with the arrival of our second son, Liam those dormant memories of that difficult time surfaced and with them a flood of emotion. Liam, born perfectly healthy in every way, look remarkably like his brother. Wearing Jack’s hand-me-downs it seemed as if to some extent we relived those first few moments and weeks of Jack’s life. Tears flowed again for all the emotions we felt: the fear, the sense of loss, the stress and confusion and helplessness. Holding Liam brought all that back. Especially rubbing his back, it’s as if muscle-memory took over and suddenly I could locate exactly where the raised bumps of Jack’s nevus were on Liam’s little back.

Sometimes when you’re going through something traumatic and difficult you simply put your head down and push through. Now that that storm has passed it seems that we are re-processing and finally dealing with everything we went through three years ago.

With all these emotions coming to the forefront I’m reminded of why the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock needs our continued support. Every day parents take their sick and injured children to CHaD, relying on the world class care and expertise of the doctors, nurses and staff to care for their little ones. Jack no longer needs care at CHaD, but there are other families that still do. Which is why my goal this year is to raise $6000 for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Over the past two years I run in the CHaD Hero Half Marathon/5K and raised over $14,000 for CHaD and this year I’ll be running again and I’d like to bring that fundraising total up to $20K.

Raising money is a labor of love, really. Lots of letter writing and promoting and planning and pulling off events. But I’ve been thinking: what if everyone who I know through social media and everyone they know, what if they all gave a dollar? Just one dollar. That could raise thousands of dollars for such a worthy cause!”


TODAY, Monday August 17th, Sarah will be sharing Jack’s story again on her blog and asking her readers to participate in the #beaHERO4CHadKids campaign. She would love your help too!

I’m going to donate and help spread the word and would love your help! Sarah has set up a $1 donation through paypal so that donors can easily give a dollar with one click.  Here is the link to Sarah’s blog:

Here are some other ways you can participate: 

  • Share how you are “being a hero” in a video on Instagram or Twitter and tag @runfargirl and #beaHERO4CHaDKids
  • Dedicate your miles on October 18th, 2015 to the kids and families of the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and tag your post with #beaHERO4ChaDKids

And, while you’re at it … check out Sarah’s RunFarGear … because it’s rad!  And a portion of every sale is donated to CHaD!!!

Let’s kick start this week by paying it forward!