Ironman Canada – Whistler:: Here I come!!

I did it!! I’m in!

Whistler Ironman Canada — here I come — August 25, 2013

I hmmmm’d and haaaaa’d over doing a full vs a 1/2 IRON for 2013, but I told myself after finishing IRONMAN CANADA 2011, that my next would be 2013.  I couldn’t resist the venue change — Whistler!!


I’m nervous, giddy, and still in shock.


Please join me on my journey to another 140.6.


ps… If you want to read more about my first Ironman experience, I wrote all about all it here:

3 thoughts on “Ironman Canada – Whistler:: Here I come!!

  1. So exciting. I was wondering if you would sign up when I heard on the radio (Delilah’s station) that they’d changed to Whistler. I’d totally join you if it weren’t for that whole swimming and biking part ;). You’ll do awesome – let the training begin! xo

  2. Best wishes for your journey that is Ironman. Unfortunately I feel like the WTC is forcing athletes to choose between Ironman Canada and Challenge Penticton, at least for 2013. I’m going to side with the good folk of Penticton, only as a volunteer for next year.

    1. Thanks Tom! I didn’t like the fact both events are on the same day, competing for competitors. However, I fell in love with Whistler this past summer so am really excited to be racing there next summer. 🙂 I am certain to make it back to Penticton one of these years!!

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