Sensational Saturday Swim


I really want to master this swimming thing and the only way for me to do it is by getting my sorry swimming butt to the pool.  I know I need to put in the time and effort.  It’s also a bonus that I have awesome friends who push and motivate me to get there as they know I’d pass in a heart beat if given the choice to run or bike instead.

Okay — here goes — suit on::

I’d like to the think the TYR Durafast makes me go faster — but, in reality, it’s just another suit.

I met Judy at the pool and announced that my goal was to swim 1500 yards today.  She said, “oh no you don’t – I have your work-out all planned.  We are doing drills!”  ….. GRRRREAAAT!  Just super. Ugh. I suck at drills.  Then I see Jeanette and announce like I knew all along we’d be doing drills, ever so excited.  (See – that’s just how I am … Fake it — even when secretly I am hating the fact I’ve got to do some drills).

Swim workout went a little something like this:

100 free before Judy got in … Then her workout::

100 WU – 50 side kick drill

100 free – 50 one arm down and back

50 free – 25 drill – 125 free x 3  (drills:: finger-tip – fists – figure eight)

3 x 50 drills (drills:: Paddles — BAND! OMG — I cannot swim with the BAND! — Paddles and BAND)

100 free for good measure!

A great workout overall — and what better way to celebrate afterwards than with this:

This TRI training season – I vow to work on my weakest link — THE SWIM!

4 thoughts on “Sensational Saturday Swim

  1. Great job! I’m wondering if figure 8 drill is a drill I have another name for or if it is a new one? Can you explain it to me? Also, drills are very important for newer swimmers. Better to take the time to do it right and become more efficient than do it wrong and go for yardage. You have great swim friends!

    1. Gosh!! I really don’t know if that is the actual name of it. Essentially – I was instructed the use my hands under water kind of like a figure eight pattern instead of as in the breast stroke — keeping the focus on chest down during this drill. My head only came up during a breath and was back down. It was difficult. Have you heard of this?

    2. Sculling it was! I don’t like head up drills at all- promotes what triathletes already like to do and harder to keep neck neutral ( already had neck surgery- removing bone spurs and bulging disc) and hips tend to sink!

  2. Yes, it is what I call sculling. You can scull with hands in front, at middle or even at your hips. You can also scull on your back. I had my husband take photos of me sculling a few weeks ago but I have not posted about it yet. I will let you know when I get to it. When I scull on my stomach I keep my head up the entire time so I can watch my hands. I also don’t kick unless it is to keep balance versus get momentum. It is one of the best drills you can do right now as it will give you a better feel for the water.

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