Eating Crow

Well – now I’ve gone and done it.

Last week I proudly announced to my family:: “I never get sick!”  Mind you, this is while the hubs was out sick and down for the count.  I rolled my eyes and carried on with the household chores while he slept.

OOPS …. my bad.  Take backs?  Cuz – now I’m sick!  Sore throat, head pounding, fever, chills, tired … what the what?!  Doesn’t my body know I have a race to run in a month and I don’t have time for this S@$&!!!

Seriously annoyed, I called in sick.  Hmmmm – now what to do with my day?  Cleaning?  Resting?  I have so much time and the kids are in school.  I really want to be out running or biking, or dare I say it … even swimming … anything but being stuck at home doing NOTHING.

I tried to rest, watched a movie in fact.  Magic Mike.  Enough about that. I’ll keep my thoughts about Channing to myself.  😉

Okay – so here I am — end of the day and still not feeling great. I have a track workout planned for tomorrow night.  I’m saying a quick prayer that all is better by morning time, but if not morning time, then by 5:30 pm, because I certainly don’t want to miss track.


P.S.  I promise to NEVER say I never get sick. EVER.  Deal?!

P.P.S. If I’m better by tomorrow, I promise to take it easy at track tomorrow night (no crossies, I swear).

P.P.S.S. Channing is a really good dancer, ‘er actor.

2 thoughts on “Eating Crow

  1. Hope you get a good night’s rest! But you’ll break promise #2. I said I’d go for an easy 10k today. Lasted all of two minutes, felt really good, and upped the pace.

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