Pink & Black — Sunday 14

It was a Pink and Black Day for my 14 miler today::

9 am — off to Squalicum Boathouse to meet the BFF for our run date.  The weather was clear and cold (about 35*), but at least it wasn’t raining!

I pulled into the parking lot and see Jen’s car.  We both give each other the look like we don’t want to get out of our warm cars.

I’m first to exit and lock my car.  As I walk over to Jen, what do I see?!  Did she read my mind??

I smile … we are both wearing Pink and Black!

I was wearing my black CEP socks with bright pink Pure Cadence by Brooks.  Jen was wearing her bright pink CEP socks with Black Ghost GTX by Brooks.  (We both heart Brooks Running shoes and apparel).

Off we went for 14 easy miles…

We ran (pun intended) into two other friends, Laura and Julie, around mile 3 and they kept us company for a couple of miles.  Since we were doing an out and back, we seemed to hit the turnaround in no time.  I was still feeling good and had a few GU chomps.

With a few miles to go – I picked up the pace a bit as my training plan had a moderate pace for the last 20 minutes or so.  I was happy to finish at about race pace and was still feeling great.

Totals for today:  14.01 miles, 2:02:08

Average pace: 8:43  (Last few miles were sub 8 — woot!)

3 more weeks to VEGAS BABY!

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