Terrific Tuesday Track that almost wasn’t …

I wasn’t terribly excited for my track workout tonight, but I did want to get outside and run.  5 x 1k’s did not sound fun tonight … if I’m being honest.  Those are hard.  Give me 200 or 400 repeats any day.  Give me hills.  Something …

…but the plan called for 5 x 1k’s @ 5k pace and that was what I was going to do.

5 pm hit and I’m off to the locker room to change, when I discover something very important missing from my favoritist Lululemon gym bag … MY SHOES!!! ACCCKKKKKK!!!! How could I forget my shoes?  It’s track tonight! I need to be fast.


I’ve already changed and now I have to walk out to my car in search for a spare pair in the trunk (I always try and keep at least a couple of trusty Brooks in the trunk).

Ummmm ….. shoot.  I guess I have to wear my dress shoes out to the car?!  Nice.  Real nice Gina.  (please – oh please – oh please … let me just sneak out …)

Can’t I just click my heels and make my running shoes appear?



These trusty Brooks Launch helped me complete my track workout tonight.

2 miles warm-up

5 x 1k @ 5k pace (7:08, 7:01, 7:02, 6:53, 7:05)

1 mile cool down

7 miles total.  1:01.  Average pace of 8:42.

***Overall, I felt good about my 1k splits.  Those suckers are toughies.  Not to mention, it was raining and I was soaked by the time I was finished.  Thanks to my friend Judy for coming along for the run!!***

ps … I didn’t quite make it out of work without one of my co-workers spotting these gems.  OOPS. 😉

6 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday Track that almost wasn’t …

  1. Katie!

    So glad you had a pair of shoes in your car! That could have been so disappointing… Often when I wrap up a morning swim workout and I’m getting dressed for work, I find that I have failed to pack something. The worst: underthings.

    Great job getting out there despite the crummy weather!

    1. I’m so glad I had a pair of running shoes too Katie! I’ve forgotten my towel at the pool, only to discover it missing AFTER I had my swim. Drying off with rough brown paper towels is so not fun. 😉

  2. That made me laugh! Thanks for sharing. I once arrived at the staging area of a gran fondo only to discover I had forgotten my cycling shoes. I didn’t want to the guy in a photo cycling with running shoes with the caption “Fail” on some cycling forum. So I drove back home to get them. 🙂

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