Tempo Track Tuesday

Tonight’s tempo track workout:

2 miles warm up

2 x 6 min at 5k pace with 4 min active recovery between sets

1 mile cool down

***I set off tonight with Meghan and Marti from the Sehome HS parking lot to the WWU track.  They were each doing mile repeats, so I was on my own once we got there.  I started right away.  We had a huge headwind on one side of the track, which meant a tailwind (I think) on the other. 😉

After I finished my run, I checked my split times for each 6 minute set.  I was so thrilled with my times:

1st – 6 min tempo:  6:49


2nd – 6 min tempo:  6:53

Total mileage: 5.35 ~~~ Total time: 45:29:02 ~~~ Average pace: 8:30

VEGAS in 12 DAYS!!


ps… since you all know how I love pictures::

~~Me and Meghan on HER 30th bday~~

pps ~~GOOD LUCK this Sunday Meghan ~ Running the Seattle 1/2 Marathon!

3 thoughts on “Tempo Track Tuesday

  1. Is it just me? I hope that’s 6:49 and 6:53/mile. Otherwise you ran 6 minutes in 6 minutes and 49 seconds. And that doesn’t sound fast at all. I have a personal goal to run 10 minutes in 9:30 as I could reduce my workout time. Haven’t cracked that one yet.
    Sorry! Sometimes I can’t resist.

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