Solo Sunday Run

I desperately needed to get outside for a run today.  I have been so busy with work and parties the last two weeks, that I just needed to RUN.  So I did.  Solo.

I set off from my house and decided not to wear my Garmin.  Instead, I took along my iPhone (in a very stylish Ziploc baggie in case it decided to rain — which it did) for tunes and used my Strava app.  I didn’t look at my phone again until I was finished, albeit, I did take a couple of photos along the way.


overpass run

My run was fairly flat and I felt great throughout.  It was nice not wearing my watch or caring at my time or pace.  I surprised myself when I finished with what I thought was an easy run.

strava app

I figured I was running about a 9:00 pace — wrong!  But, I have to say I was excited I was running that pace and it didn’t feel hard.  🙂 Yay for improvements!!

Okay friends — I have so much to write about coming up, so here’s a little teaser::

Cookie making with the kiddos; Ornament Party; Merry Martini Party; Wine group; Reunion with Heather; Brooks ID member acceptance (YES!); and most importantly — my journey to 140.6 begins again!!

Stay tuned!!

6 thoughts on “Solo Sunday Run

  1. Very impressive performance. Even more so considering you were going “easy” based on perceived effort. I’m a long term believer in racing without a watch. Sometimes it’s liberating to train without too.

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