Merry HO HO HO

What a wonderful Christmas!

It’s a funny phenomenon that as the kids get older, the adults are up and waiting to open presents by the tree while the kids sleep in. I waited – and waited – TIC TOC – let’s go already!

My stocking is eyeballing me ….

Here are some highlights::


It snowed today!! Full on snow, big flakes and all – that stuck around for a few hours!! I LOVE SNOW!!

I also enjoyed the fire, coffee, the lights of the tree, and the fellowship of my family.


I made a mean apple crisp today! Grandma and mom helped by peeling and coring the apples for me. Mmm!


I love to see my kiddos smile as they receive their gifts!! Kylie got a new iPhone and Spencer got a GoPro Hero 2.


Some of my favorites– a new bathrobe from my mom. Bright pink with black trim!! I’ve been wearing it all day!! It hasn’t come off! A new Kate Spade purse (shiny patent croc — swoon!). I also received some awesome gift cards for snowboarding at Baker, REI, and Starbucks!! Oh — and a pretty great win on a scratch ticket in my stocking. $50!! Yay!!

Top that with an awesome dinner and dessert. Ahhhhhh.

To all my friends who read/follow my blog — I hope you had a Merry HoHoHo too!! Tell me what was your favorite gift – favorite eat – or something you did!! Maybe it was something you gave to someone?!

Love and Merry wishes to you all!! xoxo

(ps …. I need to get back on the workout train tomorrow!! Nuff said.)

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