Three Things Thursday

1. Today was my second day back at work this week and I’m so glad it’s my Friday. (Two days of work this week seems just downright criminal).

2. My left IT band hates me right now. And, for that matter — I’m a little ticked at it! …so there. (Insert tongue out emoticon here)

….but, thank you IT band for the 3 mile run with Jess this morning. Thanks for not hurting too bad.

…but- this hurt::


3. Those precious words I spoke inside my head to eat healthy and stay on track over the holiday season — damn you! SPEAK UP when I’m sneaking another chocolate caramel.

3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I hear ya girlfriend… cut up a bunch of canteloupe and strawberries to have with my cup of tea just now, and remembered the box of Pot of Golds in the cupboard. 2 of those just seemed to pair so well! It doesn’t help that I have about 3 years worth of chocolate in the house!

    1. Mmm … Pot if Gold! Love those!! I’ve been good today … had me a protein shake for dinner and washing it down with a club soda with OJ and Cranberry (sans vodka this time – lol). Hoping to get the soft rolls to harden a bit. 😉

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