Three Things Thursday

1. I have three races lined up for the season so far! Signed, sealed, and training to deliver:

June 8th — BOISE 70.3

July 13-14th — STP – Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic

August 25th — Ironman Canada

I am into my second week of training and so far, so good!! I am focusing on the swimming — since that is my weakest link!

2. If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram pictures, I am eating a lot of veggies lately … YUP … you guessed it … I’m off the bacon wagon. At least for the month of January, but maybe longer — ;)!

So far, I have been loving it!  We have made some amazing veggie dishes: think Butternut Squash, Noodleless No Meat Veggie Lasagna, Roasted Veggies in Coconut Oil, Hearty Veggie Soup, and tons of fruits.  I also cut out alcohol, so that is helping me stay on track with my calorie intake.  It feels good to eat clean! (ps … I’m getting enough protein too!)

Here’s one of my favorites::


This is a Baked Stuffed Eggplant from

We added a bit of skim mozzarella cheese too!

3.  Please join me next week for this awesome cause:


A special thank you to my friends at #FURTHERFASTERFOREVER for sponsoring this event!

Signing up is easy! Click the above photo or click HERE to be directed to


What are your 3 things Thursday?

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