Journey to 140.6 – Week 2

Week 2 is officially in the books!

I had some solid workouts this week and have been feeling strong and healthy.  Along with the solid workouts however, comes an insane appetite! I have been eating like there’s no tomorrow!! I found myself constantly eating this week … thankfully, all mostly good stuff …

I’ve gotta be prepared in the coming months to pack healthy snacks, so I don’t succumb to work place naughty treats.  Here’s a typical lunch, surrounded by plenty of water, fruits, other veggies, hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, protein shakes, etc etc … you get the picture.


My training plan from my awesome coach this week:

Monday, January 7th – SWIM – 

This entire swim is Easy to Steady effort on 10-15s rest Use three stroke breathing, even if you need more rest Overall goal is relaxed swimming 2×25, 2×50 2×25, 2×75 4×25, 2×100 4×25, 2×125 4×25, 2×150

(Took me 40 minutes … but I completed all the sets.  Arms felt mushy.)

Tuesday, January 8th – BIKE/RUN

Warm-up with 10 minutes Easy, 10 minutes Steady, 5 minutes Easy 2x15min Main Set Pattern is 5 minute blocks Alternate 92-94 rpm with 70-75 rpm Main Set Effort is Steady, use control, insert up to 5 minutes Recovery between the 15 min intervals

Run Steady effort off the bike – insert 1 minute walking in each 9 minute block, include 2x10sec hill sprints with walk back recoveries.



(Great ride – pushed RPMs right on target.  Big ring for main set. Run – on treadmill off of bike (1% incline). Inserted 2 x 2 min intervals (after 16 min) at 7:30 pace with 2 min recovery. Felt good. Focused on relaxed running, quick feet, cadence 90+.  I opted for some speed versus hill sprints due to being on treadmill. 8:47 pace – 3.5 miles.)

Wednesday, January 9th – SWIM

Early Season Endurance 25s are Easy effort on 5s rest; 100s are Steady effort on 10s rest 4×25, 100 4×25, 2×100 4×25, 3×100 4×25, 2×100 4×25, 100

(Jess joined me at the pool tonight.  Finished all the sets in about 38 minutes.  Felt good!)

Thursday, January 10th – BIKE/RUN

10min WU, 3×12/3 minutes continuous as 12 minutes Steady then 3 minutes Mod-hard, 5min easy.

Run off the bike for 15 minutes Easy and relaxed.

f3brick shirt

(Solid riding. Pushed big gear for 12/3 sets, harder for 3 min intervals. Felt good. Easy run on the treadmill after the bike. 8:49 pace – 1.7 miles.)

Friday, January 11th – LONG RUN

Based on duration, split the run into thirds: ***Easy effort for first third ***Steady effort second third ***Hold your Steady pace in final third, effort may increase a bit Always start at an effort that leaves you room to finish strong. This is an endurance session, keep the effort comfortably aerobic at all times.

(Great run on the treadmill. Focused on cadence and relaxed running. 25 min at 8:54 pace; 25 min at 8:20 pace; 25 min at 8:00 pace. Cadence – 92-96.)


ironman in the making

(Did Saturday’s swim today — see below — as I knew I would be gone all day for the daughter’s cheer competition.  Finished strong and in just about 30 minutes! YAY!)

Saturday, January 12th – SWIM

28×50, first and last 2 easy WU/CD, remainder as 2×50 easy, 1×50 fast. Pull buoy.

(See above.  Did this workout on Friday – so had a REST day today!  Oh – and I LOVE this swim workout!!)

Rest day was totally worth it!  Daughter’s team took 1st out of 9 teams in their division!  Way to go NW SilverStars!!

kylie cheer

Sunday, January 13th – BIKE/RUN

3x10min easy, 20min steady effort on rolling terrain. If indoors, use gearing to simulate rolling hills.

Run 10min steady, 10min tempo, 10min easy off the bike. Stay relaxed and keep cadence quick.

f3brick with Lora

(Had a solid brick! 22.6 miles in 1:33:38.  Thanks to my friend Lora for braving the chilly weather with me!! It wasn’t fast, but steady with some hills to boot.  Great tempo run to follow.  Pace: mile 1 – 8:13; mile 2 – 7:36; mile 3 – 7:39, and last .8 – 8:16. AVG 7:55 pace – 3.8 miles.)

Overall Training Hours completed for Week Two: 7:53:20

18 miles of running

58.6 miles of biking (estimate)

2.4 miles of swimming

10 thoughts on “Journey to 140.6 – Week 2

    1. Thanks Jen!! I love the discipline of doing two activities back to back and these two really bring on the sweat factor!

      Kylie was so thrilled with her teams win! It was exciting to watch!! Many more to come over the next few months. Fingers crossed!!

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