Journey to 140.6 – Week 3

Week 3 is done!

Week 3 was a solid effort and I was a little tired, but not so much I couldn’t find time to fit in all my workouts.  In fact, I went a titch over my plan.  I am really happy with that since I was super busy at work and even had to work on my normal day off (FRIDAY!).  (ps – I really love my 4-10 schedule and when I have to work a Friday, it really messes with my weekend of training.  What’s up with that?!)

I also had a solid week of fueling – whilst maintaining my vegetarian diet.  I have been tracking my intake and I have been at or above my protein requirements every day.  I didn’t know if that would be possible, or maybe I was clouded by my judgement in all things bacon. Either way, it’s been fairly easy to be off the meat this month.

I will confess tho — I did have a little cheat on Thursday.  The pumpkin scone from Starbucks was calling my name.  ANDDDDD – I maybe went overboard with the hummus and Everything Pretzel Slims tonight.  Seriously – I have a problem.

….and, did you know that an entire container of Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil Hummus is 245 calories?  I mighta figured that out after I ate the entire container of it.  OOPS.

Here was my training plan from my awesome coach, this week:

Monday, January 14th – SWIM – 

This entire swim is Easy to Steady effort on 10-15s rest Use three stroke breathing, even if you need more rest Overall goal is relaxed swimming 2×25, 2×50 2×25, 2×75 4×25, 2×100 4×25, 2×125 4×25, 2×150

(1500 yards in 36 minutes.  Felt good!)

Tuesday, January 15th – BIKE/RUN

1:00:00 Bike – Warm-up with 15 minutes Easy. 2x20min Main Set Pattern is 5 minute blocks Alternate 92-94 rpm with 70-75 rpm Main Set Effort is Steady, use control, insert up to 5 minutes Recovery between the 20 min intervals

30:00 min Run – Run Steady effort off the bike – insert 1 minute walking in each 9 minute block, include 2x10sec hill sprints with walk back recoveries.


(Ride was right on target and felt good.  Great treadmill run off the bike. Tried to throw in a hill, but not the best decision on the treadmill. Did one speed interval – (2 min at 7:30 pace). 8:33 pace – 3.51 miles.)

Wednesday, January 16th – SWIM

100 Easy, then 100 Steady with middle 50 Mod-Hard 100 Easy, then 200 Steady with middle 100 Mod-Hard 100 Easy, then 300 Steady with middle 100 Mod-Hard 100 Easy, then 400 Alternate 100 Steady with 100 Mod-Hard All done on 10s rest +++ 12×50, on 15s rest Odds are Easy Evens are Mod-hard


(Jess joined me at the pool tonight.  Finished all the sets in 50 minutes.  2000 yards!! My longest in over 2 years — woot! Awesome workout and it felt good! Although, my arms were mush on Thursday.)

Thursday, January 17th – BIKE/RUN

1:00:00 Bike – 10min WU, 3×12/3 minutes continuous as 12 minutes Steady then 3 minutes Mod-hard, 5min easy.

15:00 min Run – Run off the bike for 15 minutes Easy and relaxed.

trainer ride

Can you say — SWEAT?!?

(Solid riding. Kept reps high.  Watched the Lance interview … wow.  Saving my opinion of this for another blog.  Or maybe I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself on this.  Ended up riding 65 min total.  Easy run on the treadmill after the bike. 8:31 pace – 1.76 miles.)

Friday, January 18th – SWIM –

4×100 Easy, then 400 Steady

3×100 Easy, then 300 Steady

2×100 Easy, then 200 Steady

All done on 10s rest

(Typically -this is my long run day, but I switched it out for Saturday’s Swim session. Swim felt great and I was able to do this entire workout in 44:00 min.  1800 yards total.)

Saturday, January 19th – LONG RUN –

Based on duration, split the run into thirds: ***Easy effort for first third ***Steady effort second third ***Hold your Steady pace in final third, effort may increase a bit Always start at an effort that leaves you room to finish strong. This is an endurance session, keep the effort comfortably aerobic at all times. Practicing Run:Walk Technique is highly recommended.

starbucks reward run

(Thank you JESS for joining me on this Chilly, Icy, Foggy run!  We started out in the dark and it was 7 am!! As we headed out for our typical 10 mile Ferndale loop — the roads seemed to get icier and more slippery.  It’s no secret, so I’m sure Jess won’t mind me sharing, but she’s prego and I didn’t want her slipping and falling on my watch — so we slowed this run down considerably and tried to run on the gravel next to the shoulder-LESS road.  It worked for the most part — but there were some bobbles along the way.  Thankfully, no falls!  We completed 10.5 miles in 1:38:00 – a 9:20 pace.  Then we treated ourselves to our usual — Starbucks!)

Sunday, January 20th – BIKE/RUN

1:30:00 min Ride – 3x10min easy, 20min steady effort on rolling terrain. If indoors, use gearing to simulate rolling hills.

30:00 min Run – Run 10min steady, 10min tempo, 10min easy off the bike. Stay relaxed and keep cadence quick.

long ride


(Thanks to Lora and Carol for joining me on this Foggy, Chilly, Hilly ride today!  We ended up a little long — only because Lora had 2 hours on her plan and I thought why not?  What’s another 1/2 hour?!!  Ha!! My logic.  I was feeling my legs from the get go and they were telling me, “hey knucklehead – I’m tired.”  I told them to shut up and carry on.  They did.  We rode just a little over 29 miles in 1:59:21.  Carol said her goodbyes and Lora and I headed off for our run.  Overall pace was a little slower than last week, but the middle tempo was faster!  We averaged an 8:20 pace for 3.6 miles.  Not too shabby I say.)

Overall Training Hours completed for Week Three: 9:07:26

19.38 miles of running

65.09 miles of biking (estimate)

3.01 miles of swimming

(ps … I’m sure I earned that entire container of hummus, right??)

7 thoughts on “Journey to 140.6 – Week 3

  1. You are amazing. And you LOOK amazing too. I wouldn’t worry about that little pumpkin scone treat. I’m sure you burned that off lickety-split! Wish I could be there to run with you!

  2. I’m glad that your training is going very well! Looks like you are having fun, too. Are you doing a 30 week plan? I know it’s in August, but not sure exactly how many weeks away it is. Keep up the good work!

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