Three Things Thursday

1.  The Bachelor.  It’s my guilty pleasure while doing my indoor trainer.

Guilty pleasure - Bachelor

2.  Brooks T7 Racer.  Just tried them yesterday for the first time.  Minimal and very light weight.  I like them!  I think I will use them for my next 5K!!

Brooks T7 racers


3.  Vitamins!!  These are the BEST tasting vitamins of all time.  I seriously love them and look forward to taking them everyday.  And, no … I’m not preggo, but why not?  My good friend, Jess, got me hooked.  And, yes – she’s preggo.



What are your 3 Things Thursday?

4 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I really really want a treadmill. I’ve already decided it will go in my living room so I can watch trash TV while pounding away on it. I’m glad I’m not the only person who’s not “prenatal” that takes prenatal vitamins. I’m worried visitors will see the bottle and think they know a secret.

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