Journey to 140.6 – Week 4

Week 4 was a Step Down Week with only 6:30 hours on the plan.

Here was my training plan from my awesome coach, this week (plus what I actually did):

Monday, January 21st – SWIM – 

Build Up Swim:

This entire swim is Easy to Steady effort on 10-15s rest 2×25, 100 2×25, 200 2×25, 300 2×25, 400 2×25, 500 2×25, 350 2×25, 250 2×25, 150 Focus on relaxed swimming with three-stroke breathing.

bad swim

(Boo!  This was my first workout that I sucked.  I ended up calling it after 30 minutes due to a raging headache.  I was majorly disappointed for a few reasons.  One – I drove all the way back to town to do this swim.  Two – I had the entire pool to myself.  Three – I hardly ever call a workout, especially mid-way through. BLAH!!!  I made it 1200 yards.)

Tuesday, January 22nd – BIKE/RUN

Power Single Bike 20: Warm Up with 10 minutes Easy, 10 minutes Steady, 5 minutes Easy Alternate 1 min “On” / 1 min Recovery Start the “on” effort at Steady and build to Threshold by the end of the set – do not max out, stay under control. Total set duration is 20 minutes (which includes the Easy segments) Cool Down with 15 minutes of Easy cycling

15:00 min Run – Run off the bike for 15 minutes Easy and relaxed.


(Great bike workout. Pushed big ring at high cadence for my min “on” – dropped to middle ring for easy.  Great treadmill run off the bike. 2 miles in 17:14 at 8:37 pace.  I went a little over the 15:00 minute mark to make the 2 miles.  I’m weird that way.)

Wednesday, January 23rd – SWIM/RUN

Swim 3x9min continuous on 1min rest. Use pull buoy. Aim to descend across the set as easy, steady, mod hard tempo, but always maintain form.

Steady Hill Sprint Run – Steady effort run with 3-4x10sec hill sprints, walk back recoveries. Focus on quick hands and feet, lifting the knees aggressively, not pushing off. If doing this on a TM, raise the grade to 8%, then sprint for 10sec, step off and rest for 20sec, repeat.


(This was my first Swim/Bike Brick.  Although I had to do them backwards because the pool does not have lap swimming until 8:30 pm.  So, right after work, I jumped on the treadmill for my 30 minute run.  I had a solid run with 4 x 10 sec hills at 8% incline. About 7:20 pace on the hills.  3.5 miles for an average pace of 8:34.  Then Jess picked me up for the pool.  It was a great set… until the last one.  I got cramps in my feet — while using the pull buoy!  WTH?!?  OUCH!  I hate cramps while swimming!!  I always tend to get them if I run or bike before I swim.  Not sure what I can do about this?!?  Finished 1250 yards tonight.)

Thursday, January 24th – BIKE –

15min WU, then 6x5min efforts on 2min easy spin recoveries. Odd efforts are steady, evens are mod hard. Push a strong gear on both the steady and mod hard efforts. Easy spin to finish the hour.

all finished sweaty

(Great trainer workout!  It felt weird not having a run to follow the bike and I really wanted to jump on the treadmill for 15 to 30 minutes, but I didn’t.  I like to follow the plan.  I’m pretty much a plan follower … to a T.)

Friday, January 25th – LONG BIKE –

Based on duration, split the ride into thirds: ***Easy effort for first third ***Steady effort second third ***Hold your Steady pace in final third, effort may increase a bit Always start at an effort that leaves you room to finish strong. This is an endurance session, keep the effort comfortably aerobic at all times.

My training partners
My training partners

(Typically, this is my long run day, but since I knew I’d be out-of-town for the weekend and it would be easier to run than take my bike, I opted to do my long ride today and save my run for Sunday.  It ended up being a good choice.  I had a solid sweatfest on the trainer with my two little buddies to keep me company!  I increased my spin effort with each 30 min block.)

Saturday, January 26th – SWIM –

Per my schedule – this was to be a rest day.  Forget what I said earlier about being a plan follower — for the most part I am.  BUT – I hate missing out on training – so, I opted to swim for 30 minutes to make up for what I missed on Monday. 🙂

(I did 10 x 100 and 1 x 200 for a total of 1200 yards.  I tried to mix up my swimming cadence between super slow — aka, normal pace — and speedy slow.  It felt really good to start my day with a swim since I knew I would be traveling today.)

Sunday, January 27th – RUN

Poker Pacing – Figure out the effort that you want to average (works best if it is a steady effort). Split your session into thirds: (a) under; (b) then at; then (c) slightly over your goal effort. Track pace, or power, across the workout. What you are looking for is the ability to lift pace/power in the final third when effort/HR is lifted. If you find that you are not able to lift pace/power when you lift HR then start with a lower effort benchmark next time.

poker pacing run

Jen and Todd
Jen and Todd

(My good friends, Jen and Todd, took me to Marymoor park in Bellevue Redmond for a great “trail” run.  It was cold and damp, but not raining, so it was perfect.  My intention was to start at an 8:30 pace and stay there for a bit and lift my pace towards the end. However, I started faster than that and kept increasing.  So, overall, it was a fantastic run!  We ran 7.51 miles in 1 hour, which is an average pace of 7:59.  Here are my splits: 8:23, 8:16, 8:13, 7:59, 7:47, 7:50, 7:47, 7:23)

Overall Training Hours completed for Week Four: 6:47:14

13.01 miles of running

63 miles of biking (estimate)

2.07 miles of swimming


8 thoughts on “Journey to 140.6 – Week 4

    1. That’s a good question Mark!! I don’t know — ha!! My last IM training, I didn’t go over 10 hours per week. I’m going stronger and harder this year — so I’m guessing it will be more.

      1. I was interested in your comment about foot cramps while swimming…I’m plagued with them this time (never had them before). Have you discovered what is causing them?

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