Three Things Thursday

1. I had my first EVER swim time trial yesterday morning. A special thanks to my friend Judy for timing me!! After a decent warm-up; my time trial consisted of two sets. The first one was 400 yards and the second one was 200 yards. I was stoked when I completed my 400 yards in 8:20!! That’s gotta be a record for me as I used to be able to only do 100 yards going my very fastest in 2:00 minutes. And, I was completely wiped out. (Heck, I remember back to 2009 when I couldn’t even put my face in the water and had to doggie paddle my first triathlon). I then completed my second set of 200 yards in 4:07. WOOT!! There is still major room for improvement, but I’ll take this small achievement!


2. I am buying this today and going to consume it FRIDAY as my reward for being chocolate free for the month of January:

pb&j bar

Come to think of it, I should probably buy a few. πŸ˜‰

3. This might be my new sticker I have at work:

guns and coffee


What are your 3 Things Thursday? Come on — spill it!

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