Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m back on the sauce!  Cheers to that and cheers that I made it an entire month without.  How on earth did I do that?  I still don’t know … I’ll mull if over while I’m sipping …


2.  I made it the entire month of January MEAT-FREE!  NO way?!! Me??? Bacon lover extraordinaire?!  Yep!  And, guess what?  It was EASY PEASY!

I learned that I still had tons of energy for all my workouts, I felt great, and I really didn’t miss it.  So — I’m gonna go another month of meat-free and reassess.  Now – don’t go getting your hopes up that I’ve turned vegetarian — but, I do like what I’m eating and how I’ve been feeling (and, yes Dad — I’m getting enough protein!).  So, with that said — I’m excited to try more new recipes!

Here’s my new favorite find from The Wild Ginger – Passion Tofu:

Passion Tofu

This delicious recipe has eggplant and tofu in the most amazing sauce, just a bit of spice to it — over brown rice.  YUMMiNess!

3.  I’m officially back together with chocolate!  We broke up late December and all of January and I have to admit — I thought about it all the time!  So, I made the first move …

Now that I have it back in my life, I will admit I’ve been a little obsessed with it over the past 6 days.  So much in fact, that I’ve overindulged a wee bit more than I should be while training.  Dark, light, salted, caramel — I like my chocolate pretty much any way I can get it.  I’m a firm believer in chocolate diversity and I will not discriminate.  Nope.  Not me.  So, here’s to a healthy relationship with chocolate this time around …. 😉

all things chocolate


What are your 3 things Thursday?

9 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I tried the vegetarian thing last january while training for a marathon- not good for my body at all, craved chicken like a mad women, even though I was getting a wide variety of plant-based protein sources….tried no alcohol and no chocolate for january, but of course during/after a hard workout, especially bike ride, all I could think about was enjoying wine/beer/chocolate.

    1. Yeah — not sure how long I’ll hold out. But – so far so good!! I’ve been downing the spaghetti squash like nobody’s business!! So happy to have wine and chocolate back on board!!

      1. I really enjoy egg plant. Do you ever make baba ghanoush? I’ve tried making several variations but I’m in the market for a good recipe. None of mine were quite right…

  2. OMGosh that tofu-eggplant looks good! I’m probably 97% vegetarian (was 100% in my previous life) but decided that I seem to need a little more protein than I was getting (possibly because of my age)(and also because I can’t resist grilled chicken)(or the occasional steak). Chocolate and beer are a match made in heaven. And what ARE those wonderful looking drinks at the top?!!!

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