Three Things V-Day

….a little late, I know.  But hey — I’ve been busy!! So glad today is my Friday and I have a three day weekend.

So, today being Valentine’s Day and all … here are my three things: V-day inspired.

1.  I love these candy hearts.  How cool are these?

candy hearts

2. This E-Card cracked me up:


3.  I detest all things mushy and gushy people write on Facebook about Valentine’s Day.  I mean — come on … Ugh!! It makes me want to throw up.  And – it’s not because I don’t appreciate love.  I do.  But, for people to put it all out there publicly, makes me wonder why.  Like they have to prove to others that their relationship is so great and has stood the test of time.

I read stuff like this:

“Today, I celebrate 15 years with the most wonderful husband a girl could ever ask for…”


“On this day, I am reminded of why I married my best friend.  I am so lucky to have found the love of my life…”



How about these instead:

“Finally — my wife lost those 10 pounds I’d been hoping she’d lose since we got married.  Praying she’ll lose another 10.  Keep it up babe and by the way — pass the chocolates … you really don’t need those.”

“Thanks _____ for always getting my beer when I ask the 1st time.  My first wife had to be told 2-3 times to get a move on and crack that Keystone for me.  You’re a keeper.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day John, er, I mean Steve, oops – I mean … wait, what’s your name?”

****Happy V-Day all!!  Love and kisses and all that mushy stuff!! xoxoxo!***

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