Journey to 140.6 – Week 7

Week 7 to Ironman Canada

daily mile week 7

This week was a cut back week with only 6:30 hours of training.  I moved most of my workouts this week to fit in with my hectic schedule (family/work/anniversary/bdays/meetings/friends/out-of-town … just to name a few).  Normally, I’m a stickler for doing the plan given to me AS IS — but this week was shuffled all around.  Good thing for me, my coach is flexible and it was a relatively EASY week (meaning, not as many training hours).

Monday, February 11th – SWIM – 

30:00 – repeat 300 (30s), 200 (20s), 100 (10s) for duration, paddles/pull buoy, easy-steady effort.



Tuesday, February 12th – BIKE –

45:00 – 5×8 continuous, as lap 1 easy, lap 2 and 3 steady, lap 4 and 5 sitting at the top of your mod hard zone, 5min CD.


Wednesday, February 13th – RUN –

30:00 – Easy and relaxed.

early morning run

(This run was intended to be part of the brick last night, but I moved it to the morning to run with the DH.  🙂 Alarm was set for 4:45 am and we headed out the door by 5:00 am.  3.4 miles for an average pace of 8:49 

Thursday, February 14th – LONG RUN –

1:00:00 – Figure out the effort that you want to average (works best if it is a steady effort). Split your session into thirds: (a) under; (b) then at; then (c) slightly over your goal effort. Track pace, or power, across the workout. What you are looking for is the ability to lift pace/power in the final third when effort/HR is lifted. If you find that you are not able to lift pace/power when you lift HR then start with a lower effort benchmark next time.


me and meghan

(I was originally going to do this run on Sunday since I was going to be in Tacoma and I thought it would be easier to run while out-of-town as opposed to taking my bike AND running.  BUT – when Meghan asked what I was doing for my workout, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run with her.  It was her birthday after all!! Happy V Day AND Bday to Meghan!!  Dark and rainy — no big deal!  Just a titch over 8 miles in 1:09:00 for an average pace of 8:35.)

Friday, February 15th – LONG RIDE/RUN –

1:30:00 – Progress to Steady Ride:  Based on duration, split the ride into thirds: ***Easy effort for first third ***Steady effort second third ***Hold your Steady pace in final third, effort may increase a bit Always start at an effort that leaves you room to finish strong. This is an endurance session, keep the effort comfortably aerobic at all times.

30:00 – Run Steady effort off the bike – insert 1 minute walking in each 9 minute block, end with 4x30s Strides on 30s walking recovery.



(Picture says it all!! Great workout and a gorgeous day!!  oh, p.s. … I’m not so good at taking those walking breaks …)

Saturday, February 16th – REST

Today, I traveled to Tacoma to visit my mom and grandma — then off to see my daughter compete at the Tacoma Convention Center for Cheer.  I also got a fresh new crop!  I went shorter!!  My daughter and son DO NOT like it.  Daughter, said “well, it’s different.”  Son said, “you look like you’re in grade school.  Too weird mom. You’re supposed to be 40.”   Ummm – thanks??? I’m 41 son.

fresh crop

Sunday, February 17th – SWIM/BIKE/RUN –

45:00  – Swim: 300 WU, 4x(200 then 100) at CSS pace with 10sec recovery, 300 CD.

45:00 – Ride: 3×12/3 minutes continuous as 12 minutes Steady then 3 minutes Mod-hard, ease into the first 12min segment as a WU.

15:00 – Run off the bike for 15 minutes Easy and relaxed.

swim bike run

(I traveled back from Tacoma at around 11:00 today after maybe 5 hours of sleep with teenage girls.  So tired.  I almost passed up the pool altogether, but opted to just give it a whirl.  Even after the first hard set, I almost called it.  I was pooped – and – the sets were hard.  Swimming “fast” for me is HARD.  period.  BUT!!!  I did it — 1800 yards completed – in the allotted time.  wooHOO!  I went home and unpacked, then sat around and thinking about jumping on the bike.  Okay — I can do this.  And I did.  45 minutes went by in a jiffy, although I was sweating like a pig after only a few minutes.  Hard sets and fast.  Topped with a quick run – 2 miles in 15:30 for an average pace of 7:45. Overall – great training today.  I’m ready for bed!)



Overall Training Hours completed for Week Seven: 6 hours 41 minutes

17.3 miles of running

52.1 miles of biking (estimate)

1.9 miles of swimming


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