Journey to 140.6 – Week 8

Week 8 to Ironman Canada

week 8

This week turned out to be a toughie.  It started out great and my energy was high, but by Friday, I was pooped and out of gas.  Thankfully, I still managed to get all my workouts in as planned.

One thing is for sure — my coach, Daryl, is serving me up some hard, but quality, training sessions.  It’s what I asked for, so I’m thankful despite being tired and a wee bit cranky at my legs.

Monday, February 18th – SWIM – 

45:00 – 4321 SWIM: 4×100 Easy, then 400 Steady 3×100 Easy, then 300 Steady 2×100 Easy, then 200 Steady 100 Easy, then 100 Steady All done on 10s rest, paddles/pb. +++ Cool Down

swim tyr

 (Took me 55 minutes to go the 2000 yards.  Used some paddles for some 100’s too.  Felt good!

Tuesday, February 19th – BIKE/RUN –

1:00:00 – 15min WU, then 10x[3min efforts, 1min easy], 5min easy spin. 3min efforts are odds steady, evens tempo.

30:00 – Run Steady effort off the bike – insert 1 minute walking in each 9 minute block.

bike run brick

(The bike session was an awesome sweatfest.  I lost the shirt after 5 minutes or so.  I also missed seeing the tempo and steady sets and ended up doing all efforts at tempo pace … whoops!  Afterwards, I ran 4 miles in 31:15 for an average pace of  7:49.  It felt great and my legs were full of speed tonight.

Wednesday, February 20th – SWIM –

45:00 – 400 WU, 3×400 at CSS pace with 45sec recovery, 400 CD.

bac swim pool

(Hardest swim set to date.  Those 400’s are killers!! I finished 2000 yards in 49 minutes.  For those of you who don’t swim — these are like running mile repeats on the track.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather do 400’s or 800’s on a track, as opposed to mile repeats!  So, for swimming …. I like when I have 100 repeats on the schedule, as these 400’s kicked my butt!  Mentally tough!!) 

Thursday, February 21st – BIKE/RUN –

1:00:00 – 10min WU, 3×12/3 minutes continuous as 12 minutes Steady then 3 minutes Mod-hard, 5min easy spin.

30:00 – Run off the bike for 30 minutes Easy and relaxed.


time to bike

coalminer run

(For the sake of ladies night out – I got up at 3:25 am to get this workout in.  Yes, you read that right.  It was still technically the middle of the night.  First came the bike, a complete sweat session as I caught up on the Bachelor, Sean tells all.  Yep, it’s true, I watch trash TV while cycling.  Then it was out the door for a little Coal-Miner run.  Dark and rainy, but it felt great! 3.8 miles in 30 minutes for an average pace of  7:54.  Sweet reward after — coffee! Mmm!)

Friday, February 22nd – LONG RUN –

1:30:00 – 30min easy, 30min steady, 20min tempo, 10min easy.

Pureconnect butterfly 

(This was a treadmill toughie.  I opted for the gym today as it was miserable outside and very windy.  The first 30 minutes were okay, but I was just feeling TIRED.  I went to bump up my speed in the next 30 minutes, but my legs were not having it.  They gave me about 15 minutes before telling me — OH NO YOU DON’T.  So, I listened and backed down a bit, and even… get this … walked a few times.  Yep … I was that pooped today.  Tempo was disappointing — as I know what I am capable of.  But, not today folks.  NO SIR.  NOT HAVING ANY PART OF IT.  Dang it anyhow.  Disappointing, but still happy to have put in the time.  Completed 10.6 miles in 1:30:00 for an average pace of 8:29.)

Saturday, February 23rd – SWIM

30:00 – Swim: 100s easy on 10s rest. Last 25 of even 100s fast.

(Here are those 100’s I love!  YAY!!  Plus, my legs were still upset with me from yesterday’s run … so the swim was a great way to rest them.  I completed 1200 yards in 29:30.)

Sunday, February 24th – LONG BIKE/RUN –

3:00:00 – 1 hour easy WU, On the bike there are two main sets to complete A. (3x) 12 min Steady effort/ 3 min Mod-hard effort – this is a continuous main set that lasts 45 minutes, B. (4x) 5 min Big Gear (70-80 rpm) with Mod-hard effort on 5 min Recovery Both of these main sets should be done in flat, or gently rolling, terrain. Spend as much time on the aerobars as possible. Ensure that you hydrate well; insert 15 minutes between the sets and have a large carbohydrate drink in this break.

30:00 – Run off the bike for 30 minutes Easy and relaxed.

3 hr trainer session bike


(For not feeling up to this — I just took it an hour at a time. I finished the entire enchilada and felt great about my efforts. I even nailed the sets and kept cadence high at all times except for last big gear set.  For that, I pushed about 75 rpms.  Don’t get me wrong — I was still tired as all get out, but I persevered — carried on and kept on pedaling.  I then ran 3.35 miles in 30 minutes for an average pace of 8:57.  Slow and easy on the treadmill.  Left hamstring a bit sore, but not so much I couldn’t run.  Felt great when I finished today.) 


Overall Training Hours completed for Week Eight: 10 hours 15 minutes

21.75 miles of running

90 miles of biking (estimate)

2.95 miles of swimming


12 thoughts on “Journey to 140.6 – Week 8

  1. Keith

    Nice WorK! I love reading about each weeks progress and diet. It’s truly inspiring! I would like to do a Tri or Ironman at some point!

  2. Keith

    OLY? Right now I’m training for the Tough Mudder and planning on doing the Bellingham Bay Half again. I will definitely need a coach for a Tri! Would love to get more into it!

    1. Thanks Tom!! All I know at this point — is I want to perform well. What that means for time – not sure yet. I will definitely put it out there once I nail my projected paces down. 😉

    1. How funny!! I’d rather run 10 fun miles than race a 5k. But in swimming — those 400s are a killer for me. I used to be able to only do 25 yards before I ran out of breath. I’ve come a long way!! Still more work to do. 🙂

  3. You’re doing great…. You are going to have a fine race, I’m sure.
    It’s fun to watch you get ready…I can (faintly)(lol) remember getting ready for Hawaii.
    Just be careful (Gramma in me said that)

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