Three Things Thursday

1.  Today marks two months being meat-free.  I can’t believe I did it!!

Who am I kidding?  I AM that stubborn to pull it off.

The funny thing is — I have no really good reason for doing it, other than it’s something I wanted to try.  My friends and family have all asked me why because they have known me to be a meat-eater, bacon-lover, consumer my entire life.  Well – I didn’t do it for any philosophical reason.  I also didn’t do it to diet.  It’s was a ‘just because I want to’ goal I set for myself.  And, one month turned into two.  It may turn into three …

Could I keep up the meat-free lifestyle?  Yes.

Do I want to?  hmmm – good question.  The jury is still out.

I have had some pretty remarkable meals being meat-free and I’ve used fruits and veggies in more ways than I ever thought possible.  I have not gained weight, but I have not lost weight either.  My workouts have not suffered, which would have been a deal breaker right away.  Overall, I have felt great physically and mentally — but, I’m not sure the no-meat thing was the trick.  My digestive system seems to be in better working order too, which is a blessing.  AND — I have been getting enough protein!!

Question is – do I miss it?  Sometimes.  I didn’t eat huge portions of meat to begin with, but I did consume a lot of chicken and turkey and fish.

Here’s a dish I ordered the other day from my favorite Pho Noodle joint:

Pho Noodle Soup

I asked for the #3, which I normally get (brisket and flank steak), sans meat, sub broccoli and veggie broth.  Done!  It was delicious!

2.  Goes with #1.

I’m thinking about adding fish back in my life starting tomorrow.  Not all meat mind you – just fish.  Here’s my thinking — I need to ease back into meat consumption if that’s what I ultimately decide to do.  Why?  Well — picture this:  me at home with an entire Rotisserie Chicken eating it to the bone like I’ve been playing the game of survivor and I’m on day 19 and starving (mind you, I’m not starving, I can just picture me eating the whole thing!).  This would not be a pretty sight.

Baby steps.


Plus – I really miss sushi!!



3.  Speaking of food … here is my new ‘meat-free’ favorite recipe.  We’ve I’ve had it 3 times in the past week.

Sweet potato mash with two sunny side up eggs, topped with Avocado.  The last time I made this dish, I put a bed of spinach on the plate first, topped it with the sweet potato mash, two eggs and avocado.  Here is the final product:

sweet potato mash

So Yummy!!

I love eggs so much, that I could never be Vegan.  I shouldn’t say NEVER, because I might get an idea to ‘just try it’.  But seriously, eggs are my favorite.  Oh, and cheese … I love cheese.  Yogurt would be a toughie too, although I do like coconut yogurt.

Enough on this subject — I’m not giving up eggs.


For the sweet potato mash – we shredded a red garnet yam (our version of the sweet potato) and cooked it like hash browns on the stove top with some Coconut Oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

coconut oil


What are your Three Things Thursday?  And, it doesn’t have to be about food, like my entire post was! 😉

5 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I was vegetarian for several years (back in my “previous” life)…what eventually did me in was barbeque chicken at a local fair. Yes…ate an entire HALF of a chicken…in less than 5 minutes. Now I’m 99% vegetarian, and happy there for all the same reasons you mentioned. Because of cholesterol issues I tried giving up eggs (they’re a cholesterol bomb), but doing without them didn’t help the CH, and I love eggs, so forget that. I’m going to try your yam recipe…it looks deelish! (Maybe with a pork chop on the side? LOL!)

  2. Congrats on challenging yourself and reaching a new goal of not eating meat for two months. You are awesome! I eat and cook mostly vegetarian, but I too love eggs and fish.

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