Journey to 140.6 – Week 9

Week 9 to Ironman Canada

week 9 on daily mile

Coming off of week 8, which was a toughie at just over 10 hours, I was a little worried that this week would be just as hard or harder.  I finished last week feeling very drained, tired, and plum exhausted.  I was worried that going into this week, my biggest to date and without a rest day, my training would be sub-par.  I am happy to report, it wasn’t!! In fact, it ended up being one of my best weeks of training so far!

I was still tired, don’t get my wrong, but my workouts did not suffer because of it.  I’m not sure why, but I had some really great training this week.  I even ran a personal best 1/2 marathon on Saturday.  More on that later.

Here is the plan my coach, Daryl, served up:

Monday, February 25th – SWIM/RUN – 

45:00 – Prep 100s Swim – 300 Easy and relaxed 6×75 as 25 Easy, 25 Build, 25 Steady on 15s rest 6×50 on 15s rest as two cycles of: • Fast; • Steady; • Easy. +++ 12×100 as three cycles of: • 25 Fast, 75 Steady • 25 Steady, 50 Fast, 25 Steady • 100 Easy • 100 Fast First time through on 10s rest Second time through on 20s rest Third time through on 30s rest

15:00 – Run Easy – A very easy paced run to promote blood flow. Keep heart rate down.

swim and run brick

 (Took me 58 minutes to go the 2250 yards, but it felt good!  Showered and changed quickly and hopped on the treadmill for a quick 15 minute run.  Ran 1.75 miles in 15 minutes for an average pace of 8:43

Tuesday, February 26th – BIKE/RUN –

1:15:00 – 30min easy WU, then 3x10min tempo (2min spin rec), easy spin CD.

30:00 – Run Steady effort off the bike – insert 1 minute walking in each 9 minute block.

bike/run brick

(This bike session had three great tempo sets which got the blood pumping the sweat dripping!  Afterwards, I ran 3.7 miles in 30:00 for an average pace of  8:06.  Light and easy.

Wednesday, February 27th – SWIM –

45:00 – CSS 12 x 100’s:  4×100 WU, 12×100 at CSS pace with 10sec recovery, 4×100 CD.


(This was a toughie!  Remember last week when I said I would much rather do 100s than 400s?  Well — these were just has hard!! …. here were my 12 x 100 paces: 1:58 2:03 2:03 2:02 2:04 2:03 2:02 2:01 2:00 1:55 1:56 1:53 … oh, and CSS stands for CRITICAL SWIM SPEED.

Thursday, February 28th – BIKE/RUN –

1:15:00 – Aerobic Ride – Ride aerobically inserting 1 or 2×20 minutes Steady effort being sure to stay below your Mod-Hard zone.

30:00 – Run off the bike for 30 minutes Easy and relaxed.


(Rode steady, keeping RPMs high.  Inserted one 20 minute steady to mod/hard effort during this workout.  Afterwards, I ran 3.4 miles in 30 minutes for an average pace of  8:49.)

Friday, March 1st – SWIM –

45:00 – Gear Changer 1: 2×25 2×50 Easy on 10s rest 2×75 Steady on 10s rest +++ 100 Easy on 10s rest; 200 Steady on 10s rest 300 as 100 Mod-Hard, 100 Steady, 100 Easy on 15s rest 400 Alternate 100 Mod-Hard with 100 Easy on 20s rest 500 Steady +++ Cool Down

swim badge challenge
 (Finished this workout in 43:03 minutes, however, I was so close to a 1.2 mile swim, that I added some yards for my cool down! 2150 total yards in 51:43.  And the badges?  More on this here!  A blog post on the badges will be forthcoming!)

Saturday, March 2nd – LONG RUN

1:30:00 – 30min easy, 30min steady, then for last 30min run uphills at tempo, downs and flats at steady.

running race

Photo credit to my friend Meghan!

(I decided to run the Honeywagon 1/2 marathon today.  This is a local race in Everson.  Think open roads, farming community, smells of cow pies, especially when the wind is blowing — like TODAY!  Yep.  I did this one.  And you know what?  I PR’d!!  Remember when I tried to do the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon a few months back and fell short by a few minutes?  Well, I finally did it!!  13.1 miles in 1:39:36 for an average pace of 7:36. Race report forthcoming!)

Sunday, March 3rd – LONG BIKE/RUN –

3:00:00 – Alternate 30min easy with 30min steady IM pace for duration of the ride.

30:00 – Run off the bike for 30 minutes Easy and relaxed. Coach canceled this one.

Lora and Me biking

fix a flat tire

birch bay

me and lora at birch bay

finished 50 miles

run with dog

(So, I had a 3 hour ride planned and Daryl told me to forget the run since I raced yesterday.  Lora and I set off with no particular route in mind, other than to stop for coffee at Starbucks. 🙂 We haven’t done that in so long and today seemed like just the right type of day to have a pit-stop.  It ended up being the best day of the week, with the sun warming our backsides just a little.  It was still chilly, but the sun made it perfect.  We headed towards Lynden from Ferndale and I was thinking to myself … geesh — I have been so lucky not have any flats for the past year.  BAM!  5 minutes later — FLAT.  Rear tire.  Crap.  We were only 30 minutes into our ride too.  I pulled over and retrieved my spare tube.  Oops — forgot to change my race wheel tube for the regular stem one.  This will look great — a 4 inch stem poking up from my rim. Nice!  Anywho — I set to changing it right away and Lora helped.  I’m glad I pulled the tire all the off my wheel because I wanted to check it thoroughly for glass.  ah-HA!  Found the little bugger.  Deeply embedded inside the tire and poking through.  It would have caused another tube blow-out right away.  I pulled it out and went about putting the spare tube in.  WA-LAH!  Done!  The worst thing about changing a tire, besides the messy hands, is putting the rear wheel back on with the chain.  This always takes me a bit of time.  Back on our bikes, we make our way to Lynden and ride around before stopping for some coffee and a quick bite to eat.  Then off to Blaine, Birch Bay and back to my house.  Total mileage 50.58 in 3:35:23.  A little longer than intended, but we also rode way easier than we normally do.  A quick goodbye to Lora and I set off to run my dog, Copper, for 15 minutes.  I know Daryl said no running, but I wanted to loosen up my tight quads.  So, I took if very easy for 15 minutes, doing just 1.6 miles.  Copper enjoyed it too.  A great day on very tired and sore legs!) 


Overall Training Hours completed for Week Nine: 11 hours 52 minutes

23.55 miles of running

94.58 miles of biking (estimate)

3.64 miles of swimming


2 thoughts on “Journey to 140.6 – Week 9

  1. Great training week! Do you always do your long run the day before your long ride? I’ve heard different philosophies about which way is best am always curious about how people approach this. Looks like you got a couple of good runs off the bike as well! I definitely need to be doing this more.

    1. Thanks Scott!! No, I usually do my long run on Friday, swim on Saturday and long ride/short run on Sunday. This week was a little different as I wanted to race that 1/2 marathon on Sunday. Actually worked well to have the long ride the next day — really worked out the lactic acid in my quads. But, then again – I took it easy for those 50 miles. No tempo riding. I think there is more quality to be had when you break up the two hard training sessions. 🙂

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