Three Things Thursday

It’s back!  Three Things Thursday.  It’s been MIA in the recent past, but it’s making a comeback!

Without further ado –

1.  You could say I have a peanut butter problem.  I have been eating copious amounts of this goodness for the last couple months.  I try to portion control while at work – but I seem to be hoarding it because I love it so much.  I eat it with sliced apples, bananas, and with a spoon right out of the container.  My friend, Meghan, suggested I bring the entire container to work and just leave it instead of trying to ration my problem.  But, quite seriously, I think if left to my own jar … well, I would open it several times throughout the day and the sucker would be consumed in no time.  Better stick to portion control, however silly this looks ….

peanut butter problem

2.  Clearly, I need to stretch more.  This is my attempt at a hamstring stretch.  As you can see — I’m not so bendy.

hamstring not so much stretch

3.  Last night marked my longest swim to date!! 3000 yards!! OR –  1.7 miles!  Took me a little over an hour, but I did it and am so happy I did — because, this marks my furthest swim since Ironman Canada 2011.  Wanna read about my Ironman Canada 2011 experience?  CLICK HERE.

pool swim

For the record, the pool I swim in is SHORT!  I have to touch 6 times in order to make 100 yards, or 3 down and backs.  So people, guess what?  I did 180 touches last night.  PHEW! (oh – and I didn’t use the paddles, but I did use the pull buoy the second half of the set per coaches instructions).

15 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I love peanut butter too! I actually just discovered the most delicious organic peanut butter. The brand is called woodstock. It only consists of sea salt and peanuts. It is 9 grams of protein per serving and is free of GMOs. I’ll post a pic on my blog.

  2. Really enjoy following your swimming exploits. 180 touches? It is time, Grasshopper. Embrace the flip turn! I’m still working on mine but if I can learn it at …. an advancing age, you should have no (major) problem. It will change your life ;o)

  3. I share in your PB predicament. AND your stretchy predicament! I guess there are worse things that could happen, right?! I mean, there could be a Trader Joe’s chocolate caramel predicament…

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