Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m officially on vacation time!!  Today through April 29th … OFF!  What am I doing?  Well, training for one.  For the rest, see #2.

2.  I’m flying to San Diego today!!  Why?  The daughter is competing in her last cheer competition of the season.  


3.  I’m excited to meet some new Instagram peeps in San Diego to do some training.  Also hoping to meet up with Jackie @identityundecided and Doug @trisilk and hopefully another favorite blogger of mine, Haley.  Haley also used to be a competitive cheerleader!!  I also hope to meet up with my good friend, Tonson, who I originally met in 2008, when I was running the Boston Marathon.  We’ve been friends ever since and have met up several times over the years.

9 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. kruzmeister

    Enjoy your holidays Gina and have a great time in San Diego! Your daughter looks so cute in her cheerleaders uniform! Wish her good luck from me! – Simone 🙂

  2. Katie!

    Hooray for vacation! I hope you get some time in SD to get outside and run. It’s so beautiful there! Your daughter is too cute…just like her mama 🙂 Enjoy your time off!

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