Ironman Canada Whistler Tracking!

So many of you have asked how to track me come race day …. (which is less than 22 hours from now, BTW).  I can’t thank you all enough for your support, friendship, and inspiration over the last year!  Especially now, the shout-outs are so encouraging!!  I love all the Instagram posts and comments, Tweets, Facebook messages and text messages.  It truly means a lot to me!!  THANK YOU!!

First things first … my race number is 626!!  I love this number because it also happens to be my son’s birthday! (6/26)

race numbers


If you would like to track me … here are a couple of ways:

One way is through website.  There will be live tracking and coverage for athletes.

The other way, is through a cool app called, IronTrac.  Looks like this:


I’m headed out in just a bit — time to drop my bike at T1, along with my bike bike bag.  The rest of the day — feet up and relaxing!

Come tomorrow, it’s on!


11 thoughts on “Ironman Canada Whistler Tracking!

  1. Gina, you are amazing! Love all your support and encouragement, and am happy to return all the good wishes as you race tomorrow! Have a fantastic day, and enjoy the experience. Will be thinking of you – such an inspiration! xoxo

    1. Lora!! You are the sweetest!! Thanks for the encouragement an well wishes!! I can’t wait to get caught up on your blog after this race!! (You are gonna kill it in Chicago!) xo!

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