Hill repeats in the pouring rain


Above photo is me just before meeting up with Judy and Jen to run some hill repeats …

….below is the after::


Soaking WET!! Still with a smile as I completed my workout and it felt good. Completed just over 5 miles total tonight in under 49 minutes.

Workout tonight consisted of:

1 mile warm up
4 x 3 min (90 sec flat – 90 sec hill at 5k pace with recovery back to start)
1 mile cool down

Good news — I hit my 5k pace on each repeat with the last one being the fastest!

Bad news — my pink Pure Cadence are dirty/muddy. I know some of you love dirty shoes, but I LOVE clean shoes!! I might have to buy another pair to have on hand for the Rock-n-Roll Las Vegas 1/2 marathon. 😉

How do you like your shoes? Worn in? Dirty? Clean? Don’t care? …do tell!