YOU-WHO … clean eating?!?


As much as I love “clean eating” and the idea of eating healthy and fueling my body properly, I have fallen victim this week to the curse of the epidemic.

CLEAN EATING is nowhere to be found … YOU WHO???!!!!!!!

What the what?!?  Where has my clean eating gone?  I keep reaching for everything not so healthy these days … chocolate, cookies, chips, wine … over-carbed, processed, and with butter … it needs to STOP!

My non-exercising friends tend to think that just because I exercise and train a ton that I can eat whatever I want …


I too, can gain weight if I continue to eat the wrong stuff … and too much of it.  It’s all about calories in and calories out.  Consume too many and you will gain weight.  Consume the wrong stuff — well, then you get belly bloat, stomach cramps while running, irregular digestion, and workouts that may not go as planned.

Have you fallen victim to this?  What do you do to stay on track?

I’m telling you all this because I’m not perfect, I can eat the crappy stuff with the best of them, but then my workouts pay.  I sometimes tell myself to eat healthy and then I tell myself to shut up as I eat another cookie.  Then I’m disappointed in myself when I see that inevitable food baby reappearing …. go away!!

I think it’s important and necessary to have the occasional treat, but this week has gone ‘occasional’ POSTAL – DELIRIOUS – MAD! Tie her up and throw away the key.

… it has to come to an end.  It must.  This happyTRIgirl has training to do and training always goes better when fueled properly.  So cheers to the weekend and inviting CLEAN EATING back to play.

***ps … I’m putting the Snickers down now …. ***