Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m in week 3 of Ironman Canada training and last night I had my longest swim in more than 2 years. 2 YEARS!!!

I’ll tell you how I feel about that — WOOT! BAM! POW! POP! WHIZ! TAKE THAT! HELL YA! *expletive in my mind right here*

Thank you Jess for joining me for this awesome workout!


2.  Throwback Thursday (Circa 2006) — My very first marathon that started all this craziness and fun! The California International Marathon.

What’s funny about this picture is I’m reminded that I thought it was a good idea to take a Chocolate Outrage Espresso Love GU every 1/2 hour I was running.  So not a good idea.  EVER.  Needless to say, I haven’t touched that flavor of GU since.


3.  Every bit of my training is dedicated this week to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  Every day, I have pulled up the photos of those lives that were lost that day and think about them, their families, and I focus my attention on making my training spectacular — for them.  I thank my friends at #FURTHERFASTERFOREVER who had this idea! So far, I’m 23 miles in – and plan to triple that! Click on the photo below to read my blog post about this awesome cause! It’s not too late to sign up!!



What are your Three Things Thursday?

Have you ever OD’d on GU?

Are you doing the Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Run & Ride?