Three Things Thursday

1.  E-Cards totally crack me up and can be so fitting.  Like these little gems:

(sorry if the last one was a little too bleep bleep expletive for you … it makes me laugh!)


2.  I’d like to get an Ironman Tattoo … ponytail style!  I’ve had this idea for awhile and asked a friend to help me with the concept.  I love the suggestions. Which one would you choose?


3.  My all time favorite app on my iPhone is:

You can find me at:  happyTRIgirl


ps … workout for tonight: 3 miles easy with 8 x 10 sec hill sprints for dessert.

pps … what’s your 3 things Thursday?

Three Things Thursday

1. Anyone else wake up this early?


Or – put random sayings on your alarm to motivate you?


Just wondering.

2. Thank you Jess for a great early dark thirty run!


Brr-ski!! It was cold this morning!!

3. Decisions Decisions…..




The great debate for my upcoming 1/2 marathon — do I choose the bright yellow Pure Connects or my bright pink Pure Cadence. I love them both!!

***What are your 3 things Thursday?***