Ironman Canada Whistler Tracking!

So many of you have asked how to track me come race day …. (which is less than 22 hours from now, BTW).  I can’t thank you all enough for your support, friendship, and inspiration over the last year!  Especially now, the shout-outs are so encouraging!!  I love all the Instagram posts and comments, Tweets, Facebook messages and text messages.  It truly means a lot to me!!  THANK YOU!!

First things first … my race number is 626!!  I love this number because it also happens to be my son’s birthday! (6/26)

race numbers


If you would like to track me … here are a couple of ways:

One way is through website.  There will be live tracking and coverage for athletes.

The other way, is through a cool app called, IronTrac.  Looks like this:


I’m headed out in just a bit — time to drop my bike at T1, along with my bike bike bag.  The rest of the day — feet up and relaxing!

Come tomorrow, it’s on!