Favorite thing Friday: TIUX Graduated Compression Socks

My Favorite thing this FRIDAY is:

My NEW Compression socks by TIUX

Chain Lakes

When TIUX Compression socks reached out to me and asked me if I’d like to review them, of course I said yes! I love compression socks and have tried just about all of them. And, they came in my two favorite colors: Pink and Yellow (with lavender feet) — Bonus!

TIUX website reads:

Premium compression socks without the traditional retail markups.

We know compression socks are over-priced and over-marketed.
So we made our own to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way.

So, they made the same quality product and only charge the customer a fraction of what other compression socks are charging.

I can say this with certainty as I’ve tried them: THEY ARE LEGIT. Compression in all the right places, no awful toe seams to mess with your shoes or your feet, great colors and best of all — my legs felt great!  Oh — and did I mention, I took them for a long trail run my first time out?  No blisters, no chafing, just compression sock goodness.

You know what else I loved?  The packaging.  I’m all about the packaging people!

tiux Look at this cute box!

Tiux boxThe box slides open to reveal the socks!

Tiux pink and yellow socksTA-DAH!

I’ve been asked what I love about compression socks.  It’s how they make my legs feel: which is AWESOME! I like them before, during, and after long runs.  Here is what TIUX says:

Why Wear Graduated Compression Socks?

Graduated compression socks have a higher compression at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the calf. Graduated compression will enhance circulation and increase the level of oxygenated blood to your legs, while pumping deoxygenated blood back to your heart. Stimulating blood flow helps athletes improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

Muscle Stabilization

Provides muscle stabilization to decrease the risk of injuries and muscle tears. Minimizing muscle oscillation reduces soreness and fatigue so you can recover faster from a strenuous training session.

Enhanced Proprioception

Improves agility and muscle efficiency with a heightened sense of body awareness. Greater movement efficiency will elevate your performance and reduce injuries.

Increased Arterial Inflow

Improves performance with greater blood flow to the muscles. Delivering oxygenated blood to the legs reduces muscle fatigue and speeds up recovery.

Increased Venous Return

Accelerates the rate of blood flow back to the heart to help alleviate swollen and achy legs. As deoxygenated blood is pushed up the leg, metabolic substances are removed to help muscles recover faster.

Want more info?  Visit TIUX here: TIUX.co

Happy Running!

Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m in week 3 of Ironman Canada training and last night I had my longest swim in more than 2 years. 2 YEARS!!!

I’ll tell you how I feel about that — WOOT! BAM! POW! POP! WHIZ! TAKE THAT! HELL YA! *expletive in my mind right here*

Thank you Jess for joining me for this awesome workout!


2.  Throwback Thursday (Circa 2006) — My very first marathon that started all this craziness and fun! The California International Marathon.

What’s funny about this picture is I’m reminded that I thought it was a good idea to take a Chocolate Outrage Espresso Love GU every 1/2 hour I was running.  So not a good idea.  EVER.  Needless to say, I haven’t touched that flavor of GU since.


3.  Every bit of my training is dedicated this week to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  Every day, I have pulled up the photos of those lives that were lost that day and think about them, their families, and I focus my attention on making my training spectacular — for them.  I thank my friends at #FURTHERFASTERFOREVER who had this idea! So far, I’m 23 miles in – and plan to triple that! Click on the photo below to read my blog post about this awesome cause! It’s not too late to sign up!!



What are your Three Things Thursday?

Have you ever OD’d on GU?

Are you doing the Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Run & Ride? 

Three Things Thursday

***ACK!  It’s been a week and I missed my blogging.  To my credit, I was in Vegas Friday through Tuesday and follow that with two 10 hour days of work and you have one tired girl!

Here are my Three Things Thursday to get me back on track:

1.  I ran a race on Sunday!!  Not just any race, I ran the Vegas Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon!!  A race re-cap will be forthcoming (I promise)!  For now, here’s a sneak-a-peek:


2.  YES! This was a PR (Personal Record) for me!! WOOT!  My previous best was a 1:44:37 in 2008 at the Holualoa Tucson 1/2 Marathon.

ASIDE from the PR, my biggest achievement was coaching two athletes to their very first 1/2 marathon!! One was from Virginia (who I had never met until Saturday) AND the other was a co-worker of the hubs that had no real plan until I sent him one.  BOTH of these athletes did fantastic during their training and nailed the 1/2 marathon on Sunday despite the EPIC headwinds.  I’m so excited for their next races and am grateful to have been a part of their very first 1/2 marathon experience.  Thank you Rebecca and Jeff!

3.  A special shout out to Brooks Running for selecting me the last 4 years to be a part of the Inspire Daily team.  I wore their race kit proudly Sunday!

Brooks race kit

Three Things Thursday

1. Anyone else wake up this early?


Or – put random sayings on your alarm to motivate you?


Just wondering.

2. Thank you Jess for a great early dark thirty run!


Brr-ski!! It was cold this morning!!

3. Decisions Decisions…..




The great debate for my upcoming 1/2 marathon — do I choose the bright yellow Pure Connects or my bright pink Pure Cadence. I love them both!!

***What are your 3 things Thursday?***

Super Sunday with a side of 12 easy miles

Well, I must admit – starting my day an hour early because of daylight savings time was an added bonus to my Super Sunday.

On tap this morning was 12 easy miles. Two of my girlfriends, Meghan and Lora, were due to meet me around mile 6 and run my final 6 miles with me.

I started off at about 8:30 am and headed north along the waterfront of Bellingham Bay.  This is one of my favorite spots to run.

The morning was gray and the sky threatened rain – but thankfully, it held off until the afternoon. Mild temps made for nice running weather!  My legs were still a bit heavy and tired from Friday’s marathon pace miles, but overall, no big deal since today was just easy pace miles.  I was shooting somewhere in the ballpark of a 9:00 min mile.

I met up with Lora and Meghan, right on schedule.  Meghan, however, had to turn back after a couple of miles and we were sad to see her go. She was not feeling herself and had a terrible side stitch that would not go away. (**FEEL BETTER MEGHAN! xo**)

Lora trudged on with me and we made it back in no time.  I think we even picked up the pace just a bit at the end.

Overall – here were my miles:

According to Strava – I completed 12.3 miles in 1:46:42 for an average pace of 8:42.  I’ll take it — SUPER!!

Four more weeks and Viva LAS VEGAS BABY!