Monday Funday with Frosty

I have to admit I didn’t really want to go to work this morning – especially after a four day break, but I did make the most of it …

In fact, I brought my new ‘Black Friday’ friend along for the ride.

I aptly named him #Frostythefingerpuppet

Clever, I know.

#Frostythefingerpuppet went everywhere with me today:

Frosty goes to coffee

Frosty types reports

Frosty eats a healthy lunch

and …

 … Frosty spins:

Tonight was 30 minutes of cross training  — and, as you can see, I chose my bike! I love biking!! Almost as much as running (not quite – but almost).

Six days left until the Vegas 1/2 marathon and four more training runs in between!


***Anyone else take crazy pics like me?!***