Monday Motivation

5 days out until IM St George 70.3 and here is my Monday Motivation:

achieve believe imagine

Kick Start Monday with some Motivational Quotes



Motivational Quotes

I’ve been following Motivational Quotes on Twitter for quite some time and I have to say, I really do appreciate these quotes!

Sometimes, it’s just the mere words in front of me that give me that extra boost, pop, bam, that I need in the moment.


Here is one I favorited recently:

make time

How true is this?!  

How often do you hear people make the excuse: I can’t workout because I don’t have the time.

Yes – YOU DO.

Happy Monday!

Motivational Monday

Make it Happen

Some people hate Mondays.  

Loathe them, in fact.  

But, not me!


Well – for starters, it’s a brand new week!  A time to start fresh, re-group, re-assess, and do it better than the week before.  I like to think of my Monday as a RE-SET day.  It’s GO time!!

….okay, well you might be thinking that there is this little thing called ‘WORK’ that gets in the way.  Don’t let it!  Go to work, do your thing and think about all the wonderful things you can accomplish outside of work.

For me — I’m thinking about swimming tonight!!  Hard to believe, but I am looking forward to it!  I’ve been going faithfully 3x per week and the more I go, the more I want to keep going and keep improving.  Improvement is my motivation!  Plus, swimming is great exercise.  And — exercise makes me stronger!  AND — being stronger is motivation to keep at it!!!

See how this works?  Find something — ANYTHING — for your motivation Monday.  Take a re-set and smile about something you want to do today or this week.  Build your week around what you will do to better yourself.  Maybe, just maybe … you might like the sound of Monday!

Cheers to the M word!