Five for Friday

The Mountains Are Calling

1.  Since I’ve been able to take my sling off since September 5th, I’ve managed to log over 70 miles on the trails! I am in love with the trails and can’t wait do my first 50k in December!!


2.  Best trail moment this past month:  Pacing Alexander (center) for his 100 miler in McCall, Idaho and hanging out with one of my besties:  Joshua!  BTW — Josh has his 100 miler is coming up soon!!


3.  A great thing about being a Feetures! Ambassador:  I was selected to wear test some new socks and provide some feedback.  This was post trail hike/run, thus the dirt.  If you haven’t tried Feetures! socks … they are my absolute favorite.  No blisters, no chaffing, no rubbing.  Soft, comfortable, and reliable!  Find them here.

PS … My shoes are by Brooks!  These are the Pure Grits and are my favorite trail shoe!

lake padded trail half

4.  Lake Padden Trail Half is coming up soon and it’s not too late to register!  Date of race is October 18, 2014.  It is USATF National Championships so there will be some elite runners that you won’t want to miss!

This awesome photo is by Glenn Tachiyama and was selected for this year’s poster!  Check out Glenn’s work here!

Register for the Lake Padden Half here!

real time pain relief

5.  While I was working the expo booth for the Lake Padden Trail Half last weekend, I had the pleasure to meet Ken Foster and his lovely wife who were selling this product:  Real Time Pain Relief.  This stuff was amazing and I had to have some!  My collarbone and shoulder is often sore, but after applying this product, I have had zero pain.  The ingredients rival other products out there and to make it even better, it has a great smell (for real!).  This product has reported effects of:  reducing inflammation, relieving joint pain and sore muscles, increasing circulation, helping muscles to heal, relieving cramps, relieving sunburn and so much more.  I am a believer after using it on my surgery site and also on my banged up and swollen knees after falling the other night.  Visit the webpage HERE and enter promo code: 22128.  If you have questions, Ken Foster can be reached at


Further.Faster.Forever – Badge Challenge Recap

As promised in previous posts, I was earning badges as part of a challenge from FurtherFasterForever.  The challenge went from March 1st to March 17th.  Of course, you all know I love me a good challenge!  And, the fact that I could post pictures too … sign me up!

I quickly started adding badges, but some had to be carefully thought out and planned ahead.  There were some badges I wanted to get, but either couldn’t because I didn’t want to compromise my Ironman Training, or they just didn’t fit with my schedule.

Here are a few of the badges I earned:

badge f3

These first four badges were super easy!! I was already part of the F3 community via their website (really cool — YOU should totally check it out!), and I was already following them on Twitter and Instagram, and of course, I liked them on Facebook!  Four badges right away — just like that! POW!

Another easy one, was the marketing badge!  I had already bought myself a pink F3 shirt, but decided to buy a teal one for my friend Judy!  BAM — another badge, just like that!  We wore ours to the track and earned another badge for doing a track workout.

f3 track run

A couple of badges had to be carefully planned out!  Like the Pi badge — running 3.14 miles on 3/14!!  And, the Patriot badge — wearing Red, White, and Blue on March 10th.  This also happened to be Daylight Savings, AND there was a badge for that as well!  All I had to do was work out between 2 am and 3 am.  I might have borrowed my daughter’s sparkly blue cheer spankies and her cheer bow for the sake of the picture of course. 😉

Oh — and if you can see behind me — I dug out some Red/White/Blue trinkets.

patriot and daylight savings badge

pi badge

A few unexpected badges came when I decided to run a half marathon at the last-minute.  Not only did I earn the 13.1 badge, but I earned the Podium Badge as I placed 1st in my AG, and I set a new PR for my half marathon time!  WOOT.  Talk about a true FurtherFasterForever moment!  Oh, and did I mention the brutal winds for this race?!  Well, that crappy weather earned me another badge!

podium badge

One of my favorite days for training and earning some badges came when I rode 50 miles with my friend Lora!  I got an unexpected flat 30 minutes into our ride and I couldn’t have been happier — because, you guessed it — there was a badge for fixing a flat!  WOOT.  My lucky day.  I changed my flat in a jiffy, but it was the whole putting the rear tire back on my bike and chain that gave me a little heartache.  Overall, it was a beautiful day and I collected several badges.

fix a flat badge

As the end the challenge approached, I found myself in Portland with my daughter and her cheer team.  I took full advantage of this opportunity to collect some final badges!  There was the Vagabond badge — working out more than 100 miles from home.  There was also the Irish Jig badge, showing your Irish pride on 3/17.  AND, my toughest badge of all, running 10 miles in a hot and stuffy hotel gym for the RunEMZ badge.

vagabond badge

 I collected several other badges, for a total of 46.  This number included 4 double point badges and 2 triple point badges.

I wasn’t entirely sure how I would stack up against the other F3 athletes, but low and behold:

f3 badge winners

AND – here is what I won (it just arrived!):

winning prize F3

I am loving my new 140.6 window cling!  RoadID, Hammer Nutrition, Patagonia socks!

Thank you FurtherFasterForever – what an awesome challenge!