That moment when …

… you are half way through your run and there is no bathroom in sight.  Thinking — ‘Dear Lord, please let me make it to a bathroom … PLEEEEEASE!’

Have you had this happen?

Well, it just happened to me yesterday and let me tell you, I almost burst into tears.  I considered every ditch along the rural road I was running.  I considered stopping at some strangers house. I looked for a hidden bush or tree, but there were none in sight.  I was downright miserable.

I had just hopped off my bike after sweating like a pig for 35 minutes and thought to myself, I’ll go for a quick 3 miler.

I made it to the half way point and took a picture to send to the DH, as he was off visiting his mother.  This was my last smile.

last smile

My smile quickly faded and I thought — uh oh.  I’ve got to find a bathroom.  STAT!

Aching, running faster, oh no …. running slower, uGGGhhhhh …. walking? Ok, that helps a bit, but it will take me forever to get back at this pace!  Back to running again … NOOOOOO! Phone died – CRAP …. no, I didn’t mean that …. SHOOT!  Get that thought out of my head.  I can make it.  It’s cold.  I’m freezing and I’m still a mile away.  WAAAAHHHHHHH!

Finally, I see my mailbox in the distance …. hurry, hurry, hurry.

PHEW …. I made it.  barely.  just barely.

Assessing the situation now …. I think I had some bad fruit that was leftover from my party last Friday.  Eat by date: 12.20.12.  It was 12.21.12 — just one day late …. and, I’m always getting teased by my co-workers for NEVER eating out-of-date anything.  Seriously.  I pick yesterday as my first go … BAD DECISION.  Never again.

Tell me:: have you ever had this happen?  And, if so – what did you do?

***PS — I’m filing this one under – ultimate #runnerproblems.  I’ll take chaffing and losing toenails over this doozy of a runner problem any day!