Christmas Eve Eve 10 + miler

7:30 am — Game Run On!

Meet the cast:

Marti - Meghan - Susan - Jess - Pat - Robin
Marti – Meghan – Susan – Jess – Pat – Robin

Where am I? Oh – taking the picture, of course!!

We set off for an easy 10. Five out and Five back was the plan.

Now, if you read my blog … you know I had a rather strange occurrence on my run the other day. So strange, in fact, that I was a little hesitant to go for such a long run. If you missed that blog … CLICK HERE.

Not to fear though! All went well and I enjoyed every bit of it.

We had awesome Pacific Northwest weather — cool and crisp, with not a drop of rain. Jess remained by my side and I was able to catch some great photos.

Bellingham Bay

I love running along Bellingham Bay!

Not Your Average Jess! She’s AWESOME!! Click her photo to see how awesome she is!!

When we returned – Meghan and I photo bombed our own selfie, before she continued on to finish off her 16 miles for the day. Way to go Meghan!

Meghan and i

Jess and I were very pleased with our results and celebrated with what?? Starbucks!!

results F3

Oh — and the F3 … that stands for FURTHER FASTER FOREVER! Check them out! #furtherfasterforever  and JOIN in!


Solo Sunday Run

I desperately needed to get outside for a run today.  I have been so busy with work and parties the last two weeks, that I just needed to RUN.  So I did.  Solo.

I set off from my house and decided not to wear my Garmin.  Instead, I took along my iPhone (in a very stylish Ziploc baggie in case it decided to rain — which it did) for tunes and used my Strava app.  I didn’t look at my phone again until I was finished, albeit, I did take a couple of photos along the way.


overpass run

My run was fairly flat and I felt great throughout.  It was nice not wearing my watch or caring at my time or pace.  I surprised myself when I finished with what I thought was an easy run.

strava app

I figured I was running about a 9:00 pace — wrong!  But, I have to say I was excited I was running that pace and it didn’t feel hard.  🙂 Yay for improvements!!

Okay friends — I have so much to write about coming up, so here’s a little teaser::

Cookie making with the kiddos; Ornament Party; Merry Martini Party; Wine group; Reunion with Heather; Brooks ID member acceptance (YES!); and most importantly — my journey to 140.6 begins again!!

Stay tuned!!

Fabulous Friday 11 Mile Run

On deck:

11 miles.  2 warm-up miles, 8 at marathon goal pace (7:51), 1 mile cool down.

First things first:

Today’s running clothes brought to you by Brooks Running! Well isn’t every day a Brooks Running day? Why yes, it is!

Brooks Running Shoes:  Pure Connects

Next up:

Out the door I go for my run.  After a couple of warm up miles, I hit my stride.  Here are my totals and splits:

::brought to you by Strava

Overall, I’m very happy with my splits (except mile 8, where I was a titch off). The Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon is right around the corner and I’m feeling pumped for a PR!

Post Run Reward?

Have a wonderful weekend friends!! Run Happy!

Super Sunday with a side of 12 easy miles

Well, I must admit – starting my day an hour early because of daylight savings time was an added bonus to my Super Sunday.

On tap this morning was 12 easy miles. Two of my girlfriends, Meghan and Lora, were due to meet me around mile 6 and run my final 6 miles with me.

I started off at about 8:30 am and headed north along the waterfront of Bellingham Bay.  This is one of my favorite spots to run.

The morning was gray and the sky threatened rain – but thankfully, it held off until the afternoon. Mild temps made for nice running weather!  My legs were still a bit heavy and tired from Friday’s marathon pace miles, but overall, no big deal since today was just easy pace miles.  I was shooting somewhere in the ballpark of a 9:00 min mile.

I met up with Lora and Meghan, right on schedule.  Meghan, however, had to turn back after a couple of miles and we were sad to see her go. She was not feeling herself and had a terrible side stitch that would not go away. (**FEEL BETTER MEGHAN! xo**)

Lora trudged on with me and we made it back in no time.  I think we even picked up the pace just a bit at the end.

Overall – here were my miles:

According to Strava – I completed 12.3 miles in 1:46:42 for an average pace of 8:42.  I’ll take it — SUPER!!

Four more weeks and Viva LAS VEGAS BABY!