Three Things Thursday

Better late than never, here are my three things for this Thursday:


1.  I had my first Open Water Swim (OWS) this week!  I had put it off as long as possible and so … it was time.  I am so used to the 80 degree pool at Bellingham Athletic Club, that the 60 degree water of Lake Padden was a bit shocking to my system.  I must make myself get in a few more times before next Saturday.

First OWS

2.  My favorite day at work was yesterday!  It was the Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics of Washington.  I run a leg or two of it every year during my work day and I am so thankful I have great bosses who let me take some time to participate in something I love.  Yesterday, I ended up with just about 5.7 miles.  I ran the first leg solo and then picked up my buddy and co-worker, Kyle, for the remaining miles.

Law Enforcement Torch Run

3.  In less than a week now, I will be in Boise, ID!  Race day is Saturday, June 8th. I’m praying for nice weather.


Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m officially on vacation time!!  Today through April 29th … OFF!  What am I doing?  Well, training for one.  For the rest, see #2.

2.  I’m flying to San Diego today!!  Why?  The daughter is competing in her last cheer competition of the season.  


3.  I’m excited to meet some new Instagram peeps in San Diego to do some training.  Also hoping to meet up with Jackie @identityundecided and Doug @trisilk and hopefully another favorite blogger of mine, Haley.  Haley also used to be a competitive cheerleader!!  I also hope to meet up with my good friend, Tonson, who I originally met in 2008, when I was running the Boston Marathon.  We’ve been friends ever since and have met up several times over the years.

Three Things Thursday

1.  I just learned about the app VINE  … it’s like Instagram, only video sharing!  Of course, I’m hooked already.  Find me at, you guessed it … happyTRIgirl!


This link will take you to one of my Vine posts!

2.  I have a visitor from North Carolina!!  His name is FLAT STANLEY.  For the next couple of weeks, Flat Stanley will go where I go and get tons of camera time before heading back to his family with some goodies from Washington State!!

flat stanley and copper


Special thanks to the Leventhal family and Sydney for sending Flat Stanley my way for a visit.  We will have some great adventures!

3.  My new favorite ‘Keep Calm’

keep calm and triathlon

Three Things Thursday

It’s back!  Three Things Thursday.  It’s been MIA in the recent past, but it’s making a comeback!

Without further ado –

1.  You could say I have a peanut butter problem.  I have been eating copious amounts of this goodness for the last couple months.  I try to portion control while at work – but I seem to be hoarding it because I love it so much.  I eat it with sliced apples, bananas, and with a spoon right out of the container.  My friend, Meghan, suggested I bring the entire container to work and just leave it instead of trying to ration my problem.  But, quite seriously, I think if left to my own jar … well, I would open it several times throughout the day and the sucker would be consumed in no time.  Better stick to portion control, however silly this looks ….

peanut butter problem

2.  Clearly, I need to stretch more.  This is my attempt at a hamstring stretch.  As you can see — I’m not so bendy.

hamstring not so much stretch

3.  Last night marked my longest swim to date!! 3000 yards!! OR –  1.7 miles!  Took me a little over an hour, but I did it and am so happy I did — because, this marks my furthest swim since Ironman Canada 2011.  Wanna read about my Ironman Canada 2011 experience?  CLICK HERE.

pool swim

For the record, the pool I swim in is SHORT!  I have to touch 6 times in order to make 100 yards, or 3 down and backs.  So people, guess what?  I did 180 touches last night.  PHEW! (oh – and I didn’t use the paddles, but I did use the pull buoy the second half of the set per coaches instructions).

Three Things Thursday

1.  Today marks two months being meat-free.  I can’t believe I did it!!

Who am I kidding?  I AM that stubborn to pull it off.

The funny thing is — I have no really good reason for doing it, other than it’s something I wanted to try.  My friends and family have all asked me why because they have known me to be a meat-eater, bacon-lover, consumer my entire life.  Well – I didn’t do it for any philosophical reason.  I also didn’t do it to diet.  It’s was a ‘just because I want to’ goal I set for myself.  And, one month turned into two.  It may turn into three …

Could I keep up the meat-free lifestyle?  Yes.

Do I want to?  hmmm – good question.  The jury is still out.

I have had some pretty remarkable meals being meat-free and I’ve used fruits and veggies in more ways than I ever thought possible.  I have not gained weight, but I have not lost weight either.  My workouts have not suffered, which would have been a deal breaker right away.  Overall, I have felt great physically and mentally — but, I’m not sure the no-meat thing was the trick.  My digestive system seems to be in better working order too, which is a blessing.  AND — I have been getting enough protein!!

Question is – do I miss it?  Sometimes.  I didn’t eat huge portions of meat to begin with, but I did consume a lot of chicken and turkey and fish.

Here’s a dish I ordered the other day from my favorite Pho Noodle joint:

Pho Noodle Soup

I asked for the #3, which I normally get (brisket and flank steak), sans meat, sub broccoli and veggie broth.  Done!  It was delicious!

2.  Goes with #1.

I’m thinking about adding fish back in my life starting tomorrow.  Not all meat mind you – just fish.  Here’s my thinking — I need to ease back into meat consumption if that’s what I ultimately decide to do.  Why?  Well — picture this:  me at home with an entire Rotisserie Chicken eating it to the bone like I’ve been playing the game of survivor and I’m on day 19 and starving (mind you, I’m not starving, I can just picture me eating the whole thing!).  This would not be a pretty sight.

Baby steps.


Plus – I really miss sushi!!



3.  Speaking of food … here is my new ‘meat-free’ favorite recipe.  We’ve I’ve had it 3 times in the past week.

Sweet potato mash with two sunny side up eggs, topped with Avocado.  The last time I made this dish, I put a bed of spinach on the plate first, topped it with the sweet potato mash, two eggs and avocado.  Here is the final product:

sweet potato mash

So Yummy!!

I love eggs so much, that I could never be Vegan.  I shouldn’t say NEVER, because I might get an idea to ‘just try it’.  But seriously, eggs are my favorite.  Oh, and cheese … I love cheese.  Yogurt would be a toughie too, although I do like coconut yogurt.

Enough on this subject — I’m not giving up eggs.


For the sweet potato mash – we shredded a red garnet yam (our version of the sweet potato) and cooked it like hash browns on the stove top with some Coconut Oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

coconut oil


What are your Three Things Thursday?  And, it doesn’t have to be about food, like my entire post was! 😉

Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m back on the sauce!  Cheers to that and cheers that I made it an entire month without.  How on earth did I do that?  I still don’t know … I’ll mull if over while I’m sipping …


2.  I made it the entire month of January MEAT-FREE!  NO way?!! Me??? Bacon lover extraordinaire?!  Yep!  And, guess what?  It was EASY PEASY!

I learned that I still had tons of energy for all my workouts, I felt great, and I really didn’t miss it.  So — I’m gonna go another month of meat-free and reassess.  Now – don’t go getting your hopes up that I’ve turned vegetarian — but, I do like what I’m eating and how I’ve been feeling (and, yes Dad — I’m getting enough protein!).  So, with that said — I’m excited to try more new recipes!

Here’s my new favorite find from The Wild Ginger – Passion Tofu:

Passion Tofu

This delicious recipe has eggplant and tofu in the most amazing sauce, just a bit of spice to it — over brown rice.  YUMMiNess!

3.  I’m officially back together with chocolate!  We broke up late December and all of January and I have to admit — I thought about it all the time!  So, I made the first move …

Now that I have it back in my life, I will admit I’ve been a little obsessed with it over the past 6 days.  So much in fact, that I’ve overindulged a wee bit more than I should be while training.  Dark, light, salted, caramel — I like my chocolate pretty much any way I can get it.  I’m a firm believer in chocolate diversity and I will not discriminate.  Nope.  Not me.  So, here’s to a healthy relationship with chocolate this time around …. 😉

all things chocolate


What are your 3 things Thursday?