Tempo Track Tuesday

Tonight’s tempo track workout:

2 miles warm up

2 x 6 min at 5k pace with 4 min active recovery between sets

1 mile cool down

***I set off tonight with Meghan and Marti from the Sehome HS parking lot to the WWU track.  They were each doing mile repeats, so I was on my own once we got there.  I started right away.  We had a huge headwind on one side of the track, which meant a tailwind (I think) on the other. 😉

After I finished my run, I checked my split times for each 6 minute set.  I was so thrilled with my times:

1st – 6 min tempo:  6:49


2nd – 6 min tempo:  6:53

Total mileage: 5.35 ~~~ Total time: 45:29:02 ~~~ Average pace: 8:30

VEGAS in 12 DAYS!!


ps… since you all know how I love pictures::

~~Me and Meghan on HER 30th bday~~

pps ~~GOOD LUCK this Sunday Meghan ~ Running the Seattle 1/2 Marathon!

Terrific Tuesday Track that almost wasn’t …

I wasn’t terribly excited for my track workout tonight, but I did want to get outside and run.  5 x 1k’s did not sound fun tonight … if I’m being honest.  Those are hard.  Give me 200 or 400 repeats any day.  Give me hills.  Something …

…but the plan called for 5 x 1k’s @ 5k pace and that was what I was going to do.

5 pm hit and I’m off to the locker room to change, when I discover something very important missing from my favoritist Lululemon gym bag … MY SHOES!!! ACCCKKKKKK!!!! How could I forget my shoes?  It’s track tonight! I need to be fast.


I’ve already changed and now I have to walk out to my car in search for a spare pair in the trunk (I always try and keep at least a couple of trusty Brooks in the trunk).

Ummmm ….. shoot.  I guess I have to wear my dress shoes out to the car?!  Nice.  Real nice Gina.  (please – oh please – oh please … let me just sneak out …)

Can’t I just click my heels and make my running shoes appear?



These trusty Brooks Launch helped me complete my track workout tonight.

2 miles warm-up

5 x 1k @ 5k pace (7:08, 7:01, 7:02, 6:53, 7:05)

1 mile cool down

7 miles total.  1:01.  Average pace of 8:42.

***Overall, I felt good about my 1k splits.  Those suckers are toughies.  Not to mention, it was raining and I was soaked by the time I was finished.  Thanks to my friend Judy for coming along for the run!!***

ps … I didn’t quite make it out of work without one of my co-workers spotting these gems.  OOPS. 😉

Three Things Thursday

1. Anyone else wake up this early?


Or – put random sayings on your alarm to motivate you?


Just wondering.

2. Thank you Jess for a great early dark thirty run!


Brr-ski!! It was cold this morning!!

3. Decisions Decisions…..




The great debate for my upcoming 1/2 marathon — do I choose the bright yellow Pure Connects or my bright pink Pure Cadence. I love them both!!

***What are your 3 things Thursday?***

Eating Crow

Well – now I’ve gone and done it.

Last week I proudly announced to my family:: “I never get sick!”  Mind you, this is while the hubs was out sick and down for the count.  I rolled my eyes and carried on with the household chores while he slept.

OOPS …. my bad.  Take backs?  Cuz – now I’m sick!  Sore throat, head pounding, fever, chills, tired … what the what?!  Doesn’t my body know I have a race to run in a month and I don’t have time for this S@$&!!!

Seriously annoyed, I called in sick.  Hmmmm – now what to do with my day?  Cleaning?  Resting?  I have so much time and the kids are in school.  I really want to be out running or biking, or dare I say it … even swimming … anything but being stuck at home doing NOTHING.

I tried to rest, watched a movie in fact.  Magic Mike.  Enough about that. I’ll keep my thoughts about Channing to myself.  😉

Okay – so here I am — end of the day and still not feeling great. I have a track workout planned for tomorrow night.  I’m saying a quick prayer that all is better by morning time, but if not morning time, then by 5:30 pm, because I certainly don’t want to miss track.


P.S.  I promise to NEVER say I never get sick. EVER.  Deal?!

P.P.S. If I’m better by tomorrow, I promise to take it easy at track tomorrow night (no crossies, I swear).

P.P.S.S. Channing is a really good dancer, ‘er actor.