Three Things Thursday

1. My oldest daughter turns 16 tomorrow!! She passed her written and driving tests, so tomorrow — she gets her driver’s license!! So proud of her!!

kylie driving

2. My son is running track. LOVE!

relay track

3. Work conference goodie bag item.

homicide pen

Tempo Track Tuesday

Tonight’s tempo track workout:

2 miles warm up

2 x 6 min at 5k pace with 4 min active recovery between sets

1 mile cool down

***I set off tonight with Meghan and Marti from the Sehome HS parking lot to the WWU track.  They were each doing mile repeats, so I was on my own once we got there.  I started right away.  We had a huge headwind on one side of the track, which meant a tailwind (I think) on the other. 😉

After I finished my run, I checked my split times for each 6 minute set.  I was so thrilled with my times:

1st – 6 min tempo:  6:49


2nd – 6 min tempo:  6:53

Total mileage: 5.35 ~~~ Total time: 45:29:02 ~~~ Average pace: 8:30

VEGAS in 12 DAYS!!


ps… since you all know how I love pictures::

~~Me and Meghan on HER 30th bday~~

pps ~~GOOD LUCK this Sunday Meghan ~ Running the Seattle 1/2 Marathon!

Terrific Track Tuesday

How could track tonight not be terrific with these awesome feet?!?

***Yeah — I know, I’ve been sick (as in – just yesterday and I shouldn’t be pushing my luck …), but my feet weren’t sick!  In fact, I think they did quite well considering!

Tonight’s workout:

2 mile warm-up

6 x 800 @ 5k pace with 2:00 min active recovery

1 mile cool down

Splits on my 800’s:: 6:53, 6:57, 6:43, 6:39, 6:46, 6:40

Total mileage tonight:  7 miles.  Average pace: 8:41.

Special thanks to Meghan for busting out some fast repeats with me (although she was doing 400’s)!